Get your creative juices flowing at Rough Draft

rough draft cworoking.jpeg

Rough Draft, which opened yesterday in the heart of Williamsburg, is the newest addition to the Croissant family. Co-founders Alison Zullo and Glenn Pajarito started it as a way to cowork on their own terms, whether it be through raw interior design, or meeting the right kind of freelancer.

In a previous life, they bounced around different ad agencies, working on branding and broadcast design. They had some big accounts with some cool clients, but their real passion was in making city governments sexy. When they first went out on their own, they were able to land their first contract with Jersey City. Alison and Glenn managed the branding for events around the city, and produced content for @JerseyCityNJ on Facebook and Instagram. One thing led to another, and their own agency, Renegade Lovers, was formed.

rough draft coworking.jpeg

They are now taking Renegade Lovers to the next level with the Rough Draft coworking space. Through the space, they hope to surround themselves with creative freelancers, or just anyone who prefers an intimate and comfortable environment, full of cool furniture and delightful art. The space is very raw, with exposed brick, and has various artifacts from their travels around the world.

```When asked about the name Rough Draft, Glenn so eloquently put that it "ties back to the way we think about creative work, that nothing is ever final, but an ongoing process of growing and constantly elevating what we do."


Get access to Rough Draft and other amazing workspaces around New York City with Croissant! For just $99/mo, you get flexible access to 25+ workspaces, including nights and weekends.