Why Corporations Should Be Coworking

Looking for real estate in NYC to expand or move your office can be a daunting task. From the largest of corporations to small startup teams, moving is an unavoidable growing pain. A simple solution is to use coworking spaces during these times when you need extra office space and possibly as a permanent solution. Many corporate employees find the coworking environment to be exciting and energizing because they are exposed to new surroundings, additional networking opportunities, and new people. Working alongside startups and innovators can be extremely motivating for corporate employees not used to being around such an exciting environment.

The benefits to corporations who try coworking are huge. Employee retention and job satisfaction are critical factors, especially in extremely competitive industries like tech. Letting employees use coworking also has benefits to your bottom line, mainly through reduced costs of keeping them in a large office. It's not just leasing the real estate. It's buying the furniture and paying for the utilities along with many other small fees that add up fast.

Commuting is not only a huge time suck but also makes people miserable. Remove this detested part of each day and productivity is bound to go up. Employees no longer need to spend a large chunk of their time commuting each way. They can apply that time to hang out with their family more, socialize, enjoy hobbies or exercise. Those kinds of personal enhancement also make people more productive and happier at work.

It costs the typical U.S. company in excess of $12,000 a year for each worker it provides office space. Coworking spaces can drastically cut those costs. Large companies generally move slow and are risk averse. Networking, socializing and working next to startups and freelancers in coworking spaces that are open and relaxed can help their workers be more dynamic and innovative.

Companies are finding several new ways that allow employees to connect but work how they want. Many are reducing their office size and having company operated open desk space where employees can come and work without having ownership of a specific desk. Employees are free to work at home, a coffee shop, or however they wish but they always a place to work at the company office.

The cost savings of letting a portion of your workforce try coworking makes it a no brainer. Make it a reward for your best employees so they can try a coworking space for a month or longer. At the end of this time get their feedback and see if they enjoyed their experience. This can be an ongoing reward system for the best workers in your corporation. Your employees are going to love it, saving your company money and making your employees happier and more productive in the process. 


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