Tea Time with Allison from Paromi Tea


Allison Field took her passion for wellness and made her own path as a yoga teacher and member of the Paromi Tea team, a family-owned specialty tea company. She helps the brand expand their reach in restaurants and with partnerships in New York and covers their social media. (Their Instagram has us hankering for matcha tea pops already.)

Tell us about yourself and Paromi Tea.

I am from Southern California and have lived in New York City for three years. I am a yoga teacher and the Manager of Marketing and Sales for Paromi Tea. Friends describe me as contagiously optimistic and I usually have a big smile on my face.

What directed your career change towards yoga and Paromi Tea? What attracted you towards these new projects?

I am so drawn to the worlds of both food and wellness. I am excited that my career now encompasses both.

What sets Paromi Tea apart from other teas out there?

Paromi Tea is a family-owned specialty tea company known for delivering an exceptional sensory experience. We have a variety of unique full-leaf teas from Turmeric Ginger to Chamomile Lavender.

I personally love that our matchas are organic with no sugar added, and with blends like Cocoa Peppermint and a Turmeric Ginger Cinnamon there are so many options to explore.


Green tea or black? Or what’s your favorite blend?

I’ve always been a green tea girl!

What are some fun upcoming things for Paromi Tea?

We are diving into the food service world! We have been in retail for the past 10 years, and you will now start seeing Paromi Tea served in some of your favorite brunch spots!

What are some ways you and your team make Paromi Tea stand out? 

We have been involved in some really great events recently with Lululemon, SoulCycle, CorePower Yoga, Barre3, and even The Skimm! We love getting involved with great like minded brands and serving up matcha lattes and teas!

Photo courtesy of Elia from  @feedyoursister .

Photo courtesy of Elia from @feedyoursister.

Tell us more about your team. How do you work effectively when you’re all remote? Where is everyone located?

We are each based in NYC. We efficiently communicate over phone and email and find convenient locations in the city for in-person meetings.

What’s the best way to stay creative in your day-to-day?

Keeping active! I love to get up and get moving. Whether it’s heading to a fitness studio for a class or walking around to restaurants to meet with chefs and managers.

What’s your favorite Croissant space?

I LOVED working in Oasis above NY Loves Yoga. Maybe I am bias because I am a Yogi!