3 Ways to Improve Your Creativity


To be successful in business, you must learn how to consistently leverage your creative thoughts, just like the surfer needs to understand how he can effectively use the waves to keep above the water. In other words, you should approach a growth mindset that focuses on improving and later fructifying your creative energy. Strategies, branding, and marketing that stand out from the crowd are always generated by out-of-the-box thinkers. So if you keep your creative performance up and running, your business and life will reap the benefits every day. Here are a few ways to workout the creative side of your mind.

Pattern Recognition Exercises

Our minds work in very distinctive and interesting ways, and one efficient way to boost the creative side of our mind is by practicing pattern recognition. You can do this exercise wherever you are, simply by just trying to find patterns in the objects around yourself or even reading detective novels.

You can apply it to studying other successful businesses or campaigns that inspire you. Look at other companies' websites, newsletters, or media coverage. Notice the patterns that make them successful. Don’t forget to add your twist or to try to make it better!

Photograph and Draw

Usually, when we talk about creativity, we tend to think about arts like drawing, painting, photographing, and any sort of crafting. Involving yourself in one of these hobbies would make a great way to boost your creativity. You’ll learn how to perceive the bigger picture in everything you do, and to pay attention to details. More importantly you'll let our creativity flow.

After you engage in creative activities that take you out of your comfort zone, identify how your entrepreneurial behavior changes. Observe how your shifted creative thinking allows your entrepreneurial mind to work harder and smarter at the same time. Everything’s connected, and everything you do counts!

Just do Nothing 

As weird as it sounds, doing nothing can really boost our creativity. Sometimes we work too hard and we overload our minds. At that point, we’re no longer able to think clearly. A business is a tough responsibility, you’ve surely figured that out by now. 

To stay productive and sane, you should be able to say “STOP” whenever your engines are broken. Sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, emotional issues – these are all setbacks that need to be faced appropriately.

Take a few days off and do nothing. Meditate and introspect often, and allow your mind to relax. You don’t need to think all the time. Sometimes, the best way to get yourself back into it is to eliminate your thinking and to allow silence to guide your moves.

Get the Boost

Give yourself time to workout that creative part of your brain. It’s important for your entrepreneurial and personal growth, but more importantly, there’s no harm in playing a few creative exercises every day. You'll feel the difference.

Guest post writer is Joe McLean. He's been offering his thesis writing service for a top company for several years now. He enjoys working as a writer and constantly exercising his creativity, which basically means that his brain is in constant development.