Bushwick's 100 Bogart on Community and Neighborhood

If you've stopped by 100 Bogart (if you haven't, you should!) in Bushwick, Brooklyn, then you've most likely met Diana Morgan. As the Community Manager of 100 Bogart, Diana the mastermind behind the space's events, tours, and getting set up at the space. We chatted with her about the space, it's growing neighborhood, and that rooftop situation.

Tell us about how 100 Bogart came to be, what sparked the idea?

100 Bogart came to be by our General Manager, Nicholas Tukmanian, a real estate professional with 15 years of experience. He saw coworking as a trend that was growing back in 2016.  There were so many niche companies particularly in North Brooklyn, he was surprised that no one had tried this idea earlier. When he needed to form a team, he found me to assist in pre-marketing and construction, and it’s been a roller coaster ever since.

What is the community like at 100 Bogart?

I think the community at 100 Bogart is, in the best word, diverse. Beyond the industries that operate throughout the space, there is a variety of personalities as well as work habits. While that sounds clashing, maybe it’s best put as eclectic. The mix of chemistry and energy creates certain bursts of innovation, and there isn’t a day that goes by that is monotonous.

Something I appreciate about our community here is that everyone is open to a conversation— and that has lead to friendships, new roommates, partnerships, and an overall sense of camaraderie at 100 Bogart.

100 Bogart_ 3.jpg

The gallery is really beautiful. Where do you find artists to showcase?

Thank you! We had multiple ways of finding different artists— we have reached out directly, people have found us, and of course our social media gathers a lot of attention. I think what makes them worthy of showcasing is their motivation and drive that they want to put towards their work.

What are some favorite spots around your neighborhood? For happy hour or lunch?

Hard question!! Since I live in Bushwick, I am always trying to find the next new restaurant and food trend, for real estate and foodie reasons. Any restaurant off the Morgan and Jefferson L? I’ve probably eaten there and could name what I like off the menu. I actually include this part of my newsletter out to the community, because I strive to get discounts for our lunch meals being delivered here.

My favorite lunch is actually from this lady named Maria off the corner of Johnson Ave, Cypress Ave, and Flushing Ave. She is a one-lady show/food truck and feeds all the construction workers in the area…and me. She sells Puerto Rican food – Spanish rice, beans, and chicken, and sometimes during a long day, having that comfort food is always nice to indulge. 

100 Bogart Interiors_ 84.jpg

What do you love most about being in Bushwick?

I would like to think that the vibe here is that it doesn’t matter your background in work or what you studied, but you are here, and living/working here now. There are people that went to Harvard that live in Bushwick. There are people that are college drop-outs that live here. There are people that completely rebuilt their lives just to be in Bushwick and pursue their passion. Aside from being a part of the 100 Bogart Community, I feel that Bushwick is one of the last neighborhoods throughout the NYC area that has a neighborhood feel and overarching community feel.

Why not meet people that are a part of your neighborhood and chose to be here to begin with? The door has never been shut for me for the neighbors surrounding 100 Bogart and I hope that continues to last as the neighborhood does continue to develop.

You’ve had some really interesting events! What have been some memorable happy hours or themes?

I think my favorite event that I hosted was my International Women’s Day lunch. I always try and keep our events and food different so that it keeps our community engaged as well as having high attendance. For this event, I had build-your-own tacos which would facilitate interactions between members that maybe have not met before. I also created activity sheets prompting the members to express women that they’ve looked up to in their life and what traits about them made them stick out.

To me, creating and hosting events is having the ability for other people to trust me with their time. And time… should never be wasted. If there is one thing I always want as an outcome from an event is that they were inspired – by an idea, by an interaction, or by observation… hopefully each person that attends one of my events can find that.

So….rooftop? Plans for open air coworking or events in the near future?

Haha yes, our rooftop is pretty sick for our summer events. I hosted our launch party up there, happy hours, and a fundraiser for Hurricane Irma last Fall! We definitely have plans for events including a summer kick-off party… so stay tuned for that. As for open air coworking? Well, you’d have to come back to 100 Bogart over summer to find out.