10 Amazing Companies That Are Hiring Remotely Right Now

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If you’ve been in search of remote positions or are thinking of venturing into more location-free roles, then we got you covered. From Amazon to Modern Tribe, Awesome Motive to Creatella, we found remote jobs at inspiring companies all over— though that doesn’t really matter because these positions are wherever you are, right? Scroll through and see what jobs match your interests. 



Amazon strives to be Earth's most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online. By giving customers more of what they want - low prices, vast selection, and convenience - Amazon continues to grow and evolve as a world-class e-commerce platform.

Currently Hiring: 

IT Manager: Amazon is seeking a driven IT Manager to join their Fulfillment & Operations IT team: a talented bunch of computer, software and hardware experts, who keep their busy Fulfillment Centers running. These facilities are 24/7 production environments, where they manage and coordinate their huge, fast-moving inventory of products.

Big Data Consultant: At Amazon Web Services (AWS), they’re hiring highly technical Big Data/Hadoop Architects to collaborate with their customers and partners on key engagements. This consultant will develop and deliver proof-of-concept projects, technical workshops, and support implementation projects from a hands-on approach. Customer engagements will focus on providing solutions such as HPC, batch data processing, Big Data and Business intelligence and will specifically focus on Data processing capabilities. 

Delivery Station Manager: As the Delivery Station Manager, you will lead a team comprising Operations Managers, Shift Managers, Operations Supervisors and Operations Assistants, coaching and mentoring the team to ensure that performance objectives are met, building positive employee relations and bench strength for the organization. Being successful in this role means you will continuously improve the efficiency of delivery processes and instill a culture of customer obsession, safety, and best-practice sharing. 

Operations Manager: Amazon is seeking an organized, motivated and technically skilled Sortation Operations Manager to join their Logistics team. For this position, they’re seeking a savvy professional who will drive innovation and execution excellence in their transportation network hub.



Automattic are the people behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, Polldaddy, Cloudup, and more. They believe in making the web a better place.

Currently Hiring: 

Happiness Engineer: Transforming publishing on the web is no small task. Automattic’s goal is to build relationships based on trust which result in happy, passionate, loyal customers and colleagues. They do this through listening to their needs and guiding them to the fullest use of the products they offer. They are looking for people with the right mix of compassion, writing skills, and technical knowledge to get the job done.

Excellence Wrangler: The Excellence Wrangler will improve the quality of the WordPress.com experience through testing and prioritization. They will work closely with product teams to provide fast feedback, enable confident deploys, and take action to transform customer feedback into product improvements. Tasks include automated UI testing, effective issue tracking, and manual/exploratory testing for pain-free product launches.

Product Designer: As a Product Designer at Automattic, you work on highly technical problems that seek humanizing for 27% of the Internet. They’re looking for a few accomplished Product Designers who seek to keep the Web free and open together with them.

Mobile Infrastructure Engineer: Take WordPress, Simplenote, and other native apps for iOS and Android to the next level. Automattic wants people to be able to blog and manage their site or shop wherever they are on their iOS and Android devices, taking advantage of the things that make our mobile devices our most important ones such as media and notifications. They work closely with multi-functional product teams to improve the WordPress experience on phones and tablets€” both the apps and their underlying APIs and systems.  



Invision helps companies of all sizes unlock the power of design-driven product development. That's why teams at Evernote, Adobe, Airbnb, Salesforce, and many more fire up InVision every day. InVision gives teams the freedom to design, review, and user test products—all without a single line of code. With intuitive tools for prototyping, task management, and version control, it's your entire design process, all in one place.

Currently Hiring: 

Business Development Representative: Invision is looking for a Business Development Representative to accelerate the already rapid growth of their Enterprise sales efforts. Key responsibilities will include: prospect into target accounts to identify decision makers develop outbound messaging to qualify prospects through email, calls, social media, work closely with Sales Representatives to implement prospecting strategies, conduct discovery conversations with design leaders.

Customer Success Manager: Invision is looking for a Customer Success Manager to work with our  customers in EMEA through the onboarding, adoption and renewal phases of the customer lifecycle. They are looking for someone who is interested in developing relationships with designers, product teams and other stakeholders in the design space.

Design Specialist: Invision is looking for a senior design practitioner with extensive experience with both the design process and popular design tools to support their sales and customer success teams as a Design Solution Consultant. Design Specialist will be a subject matter authority with the mission to evangelize a design centric approach to senior executives at large brands and agencies. 

Sales Operations Manager: Invision is looking for an Operations Manager. This newly created position will play an integral role in their dynamic Sales Operations department.  As an Operations Manager you will be responsible for driving strategic projects from end to end while providing an integral link between the sales organization, marketing, content and finance teams.



Modern Tribe is a rapidly growing digital agency with a modern twist. They develop custom solutions for some of the world’s top companies, higher education institutions, government agencies, and startups. They pride ourselves in their ability to bridge people and technology, bringing the passion and dedication of an entrepreneur to every project. 

Currently Hiring: 

DevOps Lead Engineer: Modern Tribe is looking to add a seasoned DevOps Lead Engineer to their team for a 10 hour per week contract. The opportunity is a chance to jump in with both the services and products teams at Modern Tribe to work across client projects and our WordPress plugin products. You will work to plan, tune, and maintain our online systems so that we delight our users with fast websites, and we delight our developers with clean, stable, and predictable
environments to work in.

Product Designer: Modern Tribe is looking for experienced product designers to help them improve the user experience for their existing products as well as help them develop new products already in the works. Their team needs a designer with a strong product mindset, willing to collaborate with development, marketing, strategy and QA teams to inform the product and user experience.

Experienced Digital Project Manager: Modern Tribe is  looking for a talented and experienced digital project manager in North America. If you like maintaining lists and seeing team members make progress because you set them up to succeed, then you are perfect for this gig.

Lead Backend WordPress Developer: Modern Tribe is looking for a Senior Backend Developer with advanced WordPress experience to join their product team. Do you have a near encyclopedic knowledge of what was included in the last few major WordPress releases? Could you go toe to toe in a WordPress coding standard battle? If so, this may be the job for you.



The Search Guru is a boutique digital marketing agency providing expert digital marketing services to drive lead generation, increase sales, improve conversions and boost ROI. They specialize in organic search, paid search, social media, content strategy, technical audits and analytics for a variety of industries.

Currently Hiring: 

Operations Manager: The Operations Manager provides a leadership position while managing the processes and personnel of the company and also performs an HR role in determining needs, hiring, overseeing assignments of employees and planning staff development.  They will communicate job expectations, planning, monitoring and appraising job results, policies, procedures and productivity standards. 

Social Media Strategist: The Social Media Strategist will be in charge of the Social Media Strategy for a book of clients and implement that strategy with a team of talented specialists. This includes hands on work, overseeing the work of others and adjusting strategy as necessary. The Search Guru is looking for a part time expert to start, with the opportunity to grow into a full time position, if desired.

SEO Strategist: The SEO Strategist will be in charge of the SEO Strategy for a book of clients and implement that strategy with a team of talented specialists. This includes hands on work, overseeing the work of others and adjusting strategy as necessary. We are looking for a part time expert to start, with the opportunity to grow into a full time position, if desired.

Content Strategist: The Content Strategist will be in charge of the content strategy for all of our clients. They will be heavily relied on to set a strategy for the content creation of each client, and then to implement that strategy in tandem with a larger digital marketing strategy, with a team of content writers and specialists.



Unleash Leadership’s vision is to be the global leadership marketplace for learning journeys with individuals, teams and organizations, for greatness and prosperity of all. Their mission is to bring together diverse partners to design creative learning spaces, inspiring growth for individuals and impact for organizations.

Currently Hiring: 

Fundraising Expert: Unleash Leadership is looking for an expert with hands-on experience in executing fundraising campaigns, including and not limited to: Angel Funding, Crowdfunding, ICO’s and beyond. They are looking for someone who is passionate about fundraising, an expert in building long-term relationships with sponsors, Private Equity owners and VC’s, and has an established network in the fundraising field. 

Finance Expert: Unleash Leadership is looking for a resourceful and enthusiastic expert to lead our finance. If you are passionate about finance and a proven expert in corporate finance with a focus on international transactions, this may be the job for you.

Legal Expert:  Unleash Leadership is looking for a resourceful and enthusiastic expert to lead legal and compliance across Unleash Leadership. Candidates will have the ability to pick up responsibilities and act on their own initiative with excellent time management and prioritization skills. They will have the ability to build relationships with all team members, and out-of-the-box thinking and a disruptive mindset challenging obsolete models. 

Social Media Expert: Unleash Leadership is looking for a resourceful and enthusiastic expert to lead social media, writing and visual communication across our social media and website channels.



Awesome Motive is a rapidly expanding, bootstrapped company dedicated to creating awesome user experiences. With projects viewed over 100 million times per day, Awesome Motive is the creator of List25, WPBeginner, WPForms, Envira Gallery, OptinMonster, and MonsterInsights, to name a few. 

Currently Hiring: 

PHP Developer: As a PHP Developer, you're responsible for Making Stuff Go. You will build infrastructure to create new products, improve existing features, squash bugs, and help Awesome Motive rapidly scale their platform. Key responsibilities include reviewing current code, systems, and practices, and iteratively improving their quality and efficiency; working closely with support technicians, marketers, and designers, and producing detailed specifications and pitches for future developments.

Marketing Designer: As a Marketing Designer at Awesome Motive, you're responsible for designing conversion optimized templates, landing pages, micro-sites, and other online marketing campaign materials, so Awesome Motive can rapidly scale our platform. Responsibilites include learning their products to understand their purpose and drive your approach in design decisions and listening to conceptual discussions of design needs, review wireframe mockups and quickly producing design alternatives to review.

JS and PHP Developer: The JS and PHP Developer will review current code, systems, and practices, and iteratively improve their quality and efficiency; work closely with support technicians, marketers, and designers; produce detailed specifications and pitches for future developments; and develop new features, fix bugs, and iteratively optimize performance and quality of code.



Creatella is a venture builder, helping startups to launch their products and grow, and building our own startups. They’ve done design, tech, and digital marketing for 20 startups last year. For the next year, they are expecting to do the design, tech and digital marketing for up to 50-70 tech startups in SEA and Europe. THey do fintech, healthtech, EdTech etc and usually pick up exciting projects they believe in.

Currently Hiring: 

Project Manager: The Project Manager will leverage your local network to meet startups and find clients in the Singapore market, use online resources to connect with entrepreneurs and startups, nurture opportunities into contracts, and build up strong relationships with influential entrepreneurs in Singapore and establish partnerships.

Ambitious CMO: The Ambitious CMO will build and lead a team of highly performing marketing professionals, plan the marketing strategy and oversee its day-to-day implementation, listen to the trends of the market and direct the market research efforts of Waft, and establish brand, product and value proposition to each market segment through effective marketing communications.

FB Ad Specialist: The FB Ad Specialist will plan, deploy, develop, maintain, monitor, expand, analyze and optimize eCommerce campaigns while working directly with Waft’s CMO; seek, identify and evaluate proactively innovative opportunities for campaign growth and improvement; target on getting conversion cost to all-time lows as well as hacking asset optimizations; know every type of campaign available and notice each update to the FB interface; and run both prospecting and retargeting campaigns that successfully push potential customers down the purchase funnel.

Proficient Data Analyst: The Proficient Data Analyst will generate and implement records, management processes and policies, create visuals for data representation (graphs, charts, specialized charts, etc), and provide technical expertise to identify, evaluate and implement data services and tools to support data storage structures, data validation, data mining and data cleansing.


pirsonal_logo_color copy.jpg

Pirsonal was created to help companies accelerate sales and increase engagement by evoking a reaction from their segmented, individualized audiences. They believe that multimedia and marketing automation have the power to do so in the most effective way and that this should be accessible to any company around the globe.

Currently Hiring: 

Senior Fullstack Developer: Pirsonal is looking for a Fullstack Developer with leadership skills, responsible for the design, development, coding, testing, debugging and documentation of applications to satisfy the requirements of all of their products and Professional Services. You'll manage the interchange of data between the server and the users.

Marketing Manager: Pirsonal is searching for an experienced, technical and self-driven Marketing Manager to create and lead their marketing team. As a Marketing Manager, you will mainly be responsible for developing and implementing all the marketing strategies with a clear focus on demand generation and content creation.

Content Marketing Manager: Pirsonal is looking for a prolific and talented content creator to write and produce various projects and blog regularly, to initiate and expand the company’s digital footprint, awareness, subscribers, and leads. This role requires a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and project management skills.

Node.js Developer: Pirsonal is looking for a Node.js Developer responsible for the design, development, coding, testing, debugging and documentation of applications to satisfy the requirements of all of their products and Professional Services. You'll manage the interchange of data between the server and the users.



Scopic Software is the largest virtual software company in the world. They have over 200 employees in 30 different countries and develop custom software applications for clients in North America and Europe.

Currently Hiring:

Remote Marketing Specialist: Scopic Software is seeking a Marketing Specialist to join their dynamic team and be a proactive, creative, self-starter that requires limited guidance but welcomes input. You will be responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies for our software products and client products. Products can range from cloud-based platforms to mobile and desktop applications.

UI/UX Graphics Designer: Scopic Software is looking for a UI/UX Graphics Designer with 3+ years of commercial graphics/UI design; strong English communication skills, including spoken English; good UX prototyping skills and conceptual design skills in general; and strong understanding of user’s behavior on the web.

Sales Support Specialist: Scopic Software is seeking a detail oriented, self-starter to join our team. Their products range from cloud-based platforms, to mobile and desktop applications. Your tasks will include, sales support, interaction with potential German speaking clients and writing brief project proposals. You may also work with content creation (copywriting for landing pages/websites, blog posts, articles, social media posts, email campaigns, etc).

Software Operations Manager: The Software Operations Manager will exercise leadership skills to promote the company’s culture, provide guidance to project managers and ultimately contribute to the strategic development of the company’s day-to-day operations. This is an ideal position for motivated individuals who would like to join a diverse, fast-paced environment.