Icebreakers with Social Concierge's Grace Probyn

Meet Grace Probyn. Working with Social Concierge— London and New York's private dating club— she's a natural when it comes to helping people break the ice at cool events and gets to help singles light that match.

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m the Membership Manager for Social Concierge, aka “The Bachelor Hunter”, for London and NYC’s private dating events club. I search the city for the most eligible singles, host them at private, curated parties in top venues and chat to them about their love lives.

What sets Social Concierge apart when it comes to dating apps and events?

We’re a completely offline solution to dating. Curating private events for a vetted crowd, our events are hosted in the chic venues to connect people IRL. Attendees might have to be single but it definitely has more of a community feel than some dating events.

What are some of the fun social events? What’s been the most memorable?

Our events vary from cocktail parties to fitness dating parties across New York and London. Most recently we took 200 eligible singles to the rooftop of Hotel Americano for ‘A Night In Rome’. Think young professionals, on a rooftop, with complimentary prosecco, and views of the Empire State Building at sunset!

What’s your favorite part of your day-to-day?

Probably getting to hear about people’s dating lives!

What’s been the biggest lesson learned while building a community of singles ready to have fun?

We may be a community of singles, but people need more than the potential of meeting someone to get them there on the night. For men, it’s often the exploration factor— getting them into bars they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, especially at a decent price! And for women, the potential of meeting a ton of sociable women who are on their level professionally and make new friends.

What helps people make those meaningful connections?

At each event we have a team of ‘Crowd Mixologists’ who are on hand to help make introductions at the party. They're completely extroverted, quick to learn facts and ready to get the party started when needed.

We won’t call it a pick-up line per se but best tips for approaching someone new?

Learn to peacock. Everyone notices the one most dressed up in the room. Throw on your loudest color, put on a bright lipstick and stand out from the crowd.

What’s the difference between the London dating scene versus the New York City dating scene?

Londoners definitely hold more of a commitment to attending events and RSVP far in advance to a bit night. New Yorkers RSVP last minute and no matter how good the party, only ever stay for 2 hours.

How can someone join?

Just send us an application and quote ‘CROISSANT’ for a free ticket to your first party here.