5 Coworking Spaces with Standing Desks in NYC

By this point, I think we all know the general benefits of the standing desk: keeps you active, is better for your posture, reduces risk of several diseases, can actually lengthen your lifespan— that last part sounds dramatic but is actually true. Not to mention, it just feels good and can help with that healthy blood flow during a long workday. So, when it comes to finding coworking spaces, the standing desk can be right up there with snacks and coffee. If you’re looking for the best standing desks, here are some of our favorite Croissant spaces with optional standing desks.

Grind Nomad

Standing desk along the windows in this airy space give you city views and help blood circulation.


You can opt for the high table amid the communal seats and can either utilize that higher chair or just stand— or just swap back and forth for optimal activity.

The Farm

The hive at The Farm is rife with options for getting work done— the treehouse, the cushy nook above the kitchen, and standing desks. Especially be sure to remember when you have some weekend work and want to keep active.

The Brass Factory

A bright work spot in Williamsburg, perfect for grabbing coffee from Blue Bottle before heading here to get your standing desk on. You can even adjust it your height.


Tons of options for standing desks in this FiDi space. You can cowork or have a quick chat with your neighbor and stand.

There are several Croissant spaces with standing desks you can check out here, or if you want to level up (and dominate your fitbit) see how you can add more movement to your day with Fluidstance.