Paving the way to work from Bali and beyond

Michael Youngblood and Jonathan Kalan are two motivated adventurers. Recently, they've been booking travel arrangements to Jeju, Bali, Havana, New Zealand, and Niseko. No, they didn't quit their job to travel the world; this IS their job. Their company is Unsettled. Unsettled offers entrepreneurs an affordable way to travel and come together in exotic environments.

They currently have 5 sessions scheduled back to back in those locations this fall. The trips combine coworking and exploring. Folks will also find themselves hanging out after dark. Travelers often chat about both challenges at work and in their personal lives. The coworking spaces are also loaded with super-fast wifi, something hard to find abroad.

Who goes? The are two types of people. One is first-timers who never combined traveling and working but can understand the value. Second is digital nomads who are already bouncing around, but can feel lonely at times. They need a community that they can connect with. Digital nomads in particular are often meeting people all over the world. But, it's always surface-level small talk. Unsettled provides a much deeper connection with their fellow travelers.

How do they make money? Unsettled began as a simple lifestyle business, but Michael and Johnathan have big plans for the future. They hope to build a global month-to-month lease. This will allow digital nomads to not get tied down to one lease in one location. Rather, the world becomes their home.

60 years of corporations organizing our work-life balances are starting to break down. It's companies like Unsettled that help us find new paths.

Nisha GarigarnComment