This startup is an on-demand coworking assistant

While Croissant may be the flexible solution of flexible solutions when it comes to workspace, another startup called LACKII aims to be that for manpower. Instead of having to hire temps or interns, LACKII provides on-site workers that can be tapped on-demand to do the tasks that founders often don't have time for. Intruiged, we talked with the founder, Nisreen Hasib, to find out more.

It turns out Nisreen was actually working on a different startup when she discovered the need for LACKII. BundleClub was a subscription service for new millennial parents who needed concierge services, such as baby supplies at a moment's notice. Nisreen recalled how she had an important investor meeting the next day, but instead of preparing for the meeting, she was spending her time stuffing cookie boxes to be sent out that day. Like most early stage founders, she was dealing with the investors and important partnerships, but also running the day-to-day of the business. She had the realization that all the basic tasks could be delegated while things like fundraising could not. While delegation isn't a new idea, she added a nice little spin onto it. She thought if startups could share space, they could also share manpower. This would drastically reduce manpower costs for starving young companies.

The basic gist is that a coworking space can have an on-site LACKII person who is available to help with everyday tasks. This person can seamlessly be booked on-demand at an hourly rate by anyone working in the space. So far LACKII has done a beta test of this at a coworking space in San Francisco, and plans to launch more pilot programs at spaces in SF and NYC later in the year.

We asked why she got involved in the world of baby services and micro-manpower. Nisreen actually never imagined becoming an entrepreneur when she was younger. It was not too long ago that she was in law school. Her Muslim heritage had sparked an interest in civil rights, and she wanted to make a difference by way of law. However, although she landed some impressive opportunities including working on a supreme court case, she started to realize that she cannot make much difference in the time frame she wanted too. The law simply moved too slow. That's when Nisreen decided to move towards entrepreneurship, although her experience with law wasn't for naught -- her work in employment law helped get the wheels turning on LACKII. She wanted to create something more efficient for the changing modern workforce.


Nisreen is constantly thinking about and working on LACKII, but she understands the importance of de-stressing. You can find her writing poetry or fiction on pen and paper before heading to bed, an exercise in using a different part of her brain. She also enjoys reading; her all-time favorite book is East of Eden. Nisreen is passionate about many things, but one of her mentors wisely said you only have room for three things in life. Hers are LACKII, personal relationships, and self care and improvement. There's only 24 hours in a day, so if its not in those 3 then it's tossed to the side.

We really enjoyed learning more about Nisreen, and hope to see LACKIIs hanging around at many Croissant locations in the future. If you could use a LACKII in your life, let Nisreen know! Get in touch via her website and she'll happily follow up to make it happen!