Meet the people behind Blogbar's first ever blogathon

This past Sunday, an intimate group of writers, photographers, and creatives converged upon Bar Works, a rustic coworking space in midtown Manhattan. Popular nowadays is the term "hackathon", which describes a 24-hour long coding competition to see who can whip up the best app. Julie Reif from the Blog Bar wanted to experiment with something similar, but for bloggers! That's why she organized a "blogathon" where bloggers can come together and focus on their work. Instead of 24 hours, the blogathon was 3 hours, and instead of prizes, participants simply enjoyed the fruits of their persistent labor. We got a chance to learn more about what some attendees were working on.



Hiro Shibata / Tripmuze

Hiro has been traveling and loving music since he was a kid. Lately, he's been wanting to start a business around his interests. He saw the blogathon as a great opportunity to really light the fires and kick the tires on his blog, Tripmuze. Tripmuze is centered around trips, music, and amusement, and he has a collection of amazing photos of New York City. He's actually lived in a variety of American settings since moving here from Japan 25 years ago: Boston, Seattle, Florida, Queens, and the Bronx.



Victoria Clark / Thursday Interview

Victoria's blog is centered around interviewing "creators, innovators, small business owners and troublemakers".  Every Thursday, she features someone interesting, including Croissant's very own cofounder Nisha Garigarn! She always ends her blog posts with her signature quote "Happy Creating, Cultivating and Growing!"

Lately she's been experimenting with composing what she calls a #Joy list which includes events and hidden gems around the city. She came to blogathon to meet like-minded bloggers and also be productive in a supportive atmosphere.



Ilona Shabovta / Small Wallet - Trendy Closet

Ilona is living the social media influencer lifestyle. She and her husband, a professional photographer, converted their home into a studio apartment designed for taking beautiful shots for Instagram. Her feed is primarily focused on food and fashion, but she wants to expand into the world of written content. She came to the blogathon to bang out more content for her blog, Small Wallet - Trendy Closet.

If you want to be inspired by people like these while getting past your writers block, then stay tuned! Follow The Blog Bar on Instagram to hear about the next blogathon.

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