Roaming around Brooklyn with Shyda

Shyda Hoque loves bouncing around New York City -- it's her way of life! As a real estate agent at Realty Collective, going from place to place has always been a part of her job. But as a Croissant member, she prefers to sit down and tend to her other interests such as writing! On any given day, you can find her exploring different coworking space in Brooklyn.

What are you currently working on?

When I come to co-working spaces I come to focus on writing and other non- real estate activities.  I have been licensed as an agent for 6 years.  You can work 24/7 at the job but working at co-working spaces through Croissant is my pause to focus on other work. I have found sometimes my choice of workspace with Croissant is determined by my showings when I need to go to an appointment.  I really love that there are so many options!! 

What motivates you?

A good deadline is always great but try to trick my mind into setting deadlines before the deadlines!  A clean space always motivates me which is why I love Croissant as I feel that each space is different and clean! I always feel productive and learn something new in each co-working space through Croissant.  

Why do you like working out of coworking spaces?

I really need to be around people to work!  It motivates me to keep focused.  I sometimes need to work at home or go to the office but for the most part I prefer and look forward to coworking spaces.  There is something new that happens everyday and you learn to visit different communities which is so inspiring.

Rough Draft in Williamsburg

Rough Draft in Williamsburg

Which are your favorite coworking spaces, and why?

I love Rough Draft in Williamsburg! It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing spaces I have ever been in! I have been spending a great deal of my hours here.  The staff is so friendly and love that it is a little off the beaten path but close to several trains.  Some of my friends work at Brooklyn Commons in a private office and the staff is so generous.  It’s incredible what they did to such a historic building and within walking distance of where I live.  I also hope that SharedBrooklyn will be on Croissant one day but enjoy working from there. It was founded by Allison Reeves, an architect in Red Hook and she designed and created a magical co-working space overlooking Valentino Pier and the NY Harbor in Red Hook.  I always can concentrate there as it so peaceful and beautiful!  

What is your favorite part about being an improv worker?

I love being called an improv worker!  I have to be on my toes when working. I tried to work at a desk for about 4 years but need to keep moving around and changing it up.  Being a worker on the go is so inspiring-especially in a city that inspires me so much! 

What is something new that you tried recently? How was it?

I’m actually drinking it right now! It is Harmless Harvest Coffee Coconut Water. Picked it up as an impulse buy at Whole Foods.  I really like it as it’s a great alternative to coffee.  Will definitely pick up some more bottles in the future.  

What do you love and hate about Brooklyn?

I love Brooklyn and although I was raised in Texas and California I feel that my roots have been here. This is where my great grandparents settled in the turn of the century and Brooklyn has always had a special place in my heart.  I always knew I would live here and it is an honor to have helped so many people find a place to live in Brooklyn and plan to write stories about the cast of characters I have meant.  I do hate how fast the New Brooklyn is taking over. Try to find pockets of Old Brooklyn when I can and try to help out in my community when I can. 


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