4 Reliable Ways Handwriting Can Boost Your Personal Productivity

Our first instinct is usually to work on the computer, but studies have shown putting pen to paper increases productivity.

Our first instinct is usually to work on the computer, but studies have shown putting pen to paper increases productivity.

Handwriting resonates with the brain, mind, and cognition of a writer. Graphologists believe that the handwriting can be a window into the mind of the writer. Handwriting has been in existence before the emergence of technology. Record has it that one of the oldest pieces of handwriting is stored at the British Museum, this is to show how much value handwriting has. Think about it, handwriting:

  • Helps to create an intimate connection between the writer and what they write.

  • Enhances creativity and productivity.

  • Aids better cognition.

  • Boosts mental alertness.

How Handwriting Can Boost Your Personal Productivity

Have you ever taken time to wonder why great writers of the earlier centuries like Jonathan Swift, George Eliot, William Shakespeare, and other great writers managed to achieve various creativity feats, despite the absence of creativity apps during their days? The reason is not far-fetched. Handwriting simply gives us the opportunity to write things the way they are and the way they come to mind, but not the way the society or technology prescribes. This is why great books or novels that are handwritten tend to add more value to the society and also stand the test of time due to their rich contents.

Handwriting Has a Connection With the Brain

When we look at handwriting and brain connection,  research shows that neural activity takes place in those who engage in handwriting when compared with those who do not.

Handwriting helps to boost cognition, it increases cognitive alertness. When you write with your hand, the cognitive neuron is often active and exhibits a better performance unlike when you write using a computer. So an individual who writes, retains what they’ve written better than those who just study the letters and don’t interact with the text. When you hand write something, the brain activates and boosts productivity.

Handwriting helps to discover your creative self

When you write with your hands, there is an unusual flow of ideas that you receive. Handwriting physically harnesses that creativity and ideas begin to flow through your brain and literally through your fingertips. Many scholars recommend handwriting for beginners because  helps them to discover their creative abilities.

Scholar Advisor also highlights the impact of handwriting in productivity and creativity. If you want to embark on a creative writing, before you think of using a computer, think of boosting  your productivity and creativity first. You can do it with handwriting stories first.

It helps you focus and stay clear of distractions

Another way handwriting boosts personal productivity is that handwriting helps to stay focused and gather your thoughts. You can be more aware of what you write, more conscious of what you’re committing to paper. The act of physically writing is more mindful and more meditative.

When you write using the computer, there are lots of distractions, tabs, apps, and notifications sounding off. Handwriting removes you from the screen. And it can act as a  form of meditation that helps you focus and be more alert. Try handwriting next time you want to work on that big project , then compare your level of focus with other experiences on your computer.

You’re Actively Using Your Brain as a Resource

Rather than looking up a word or phrasing or allusions, you rely on your own mental capacity and workout your own self-reliance. Self-reliance is key to personal productivity, it helps you come up with self-inspired contents and solutions.


Handwriting helps you reflect your original thoughts when writing, it connects your soul to the theme of discussion and helps you discover the creative and productive you. Handwriting connects with the brain, it aids lasting retention and it is an important tool that enhances productivity, it is important that writers cultivate the habit of penning down their thoughts.

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