15 Amazing Companies That Are Hiring Remotely Right Now


We’re always amazed at the amount of innovative and inspiring companies that are continually managing to excel in their fields. And when they choose to hire remotely? We’re that much more floored. These 15 companies rounded up below are exactly the type of businesses we’re talking about. Start-ups, strong missions statements, and unique product designs are what put these 15 companies on our list. See for yourself how amazing they really are.


At Aurity, we select, vett and train the best global talent and support them through our open-source community. Transparency is at the heart of what we do - we make sure that all of our autonomous team members have access to our global resources and have the tools to build something exceptional. We offer ongoing support through our community and strive to empower each member to align their work with their interests and personal goals.


Currently Hiring:

Sales Specialist Internship: If you’re looking for a new role, which includes Direct Sales, Account Management and Lead Generation this one could be for you! We have been extremely successful in providing solid solutions to our clients and pairing them with the best developers. We’re looking for a open minded, positive and willing to learn person. You will provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer in order to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels and profitability.

Technical Sales Representative: f you’re looking for a new role, which includes Direct Sales, Account Management and Lead Generation whilst being rewarded well for your efforts then this one could be for you! We have been extremely successful in providing solid solutions to our clients and pairing them with the best developers. We’re looking for a results-driven sales representative to actively seek out and engage customer prospects. You will provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer in order to boost top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels and profitability.


Sample Sounds was formed in 2017 and is focused on providing high quality music production tools with royalty-free. Located on the United Kingdom and founded by electronic musician and sound design Alex Sampler, this label is dedicated to provide some of the best quality and innovative sounds in the game. Every sound is meticulously designed to ensure these packs are full of exceptionally high quality and inspiring material. We bring quality samples, loops, midi files and synth presets for DJs, producers and musicians, who require to add inspiration to their work.
The main vision of our company, is giving a chance to as many people around the world, experience music creation and art behind it.

Currently Hiring:

Sound Designer: Sample Sounds is looking for new talented producers and sound designers to join our team and make sample packs for one of the newest sample pack labels in the market. We work together with digital stores like Beatport, Sonicwire, Sounds.com (by Native Instrument), ADSR Sounds and Producerloops and many more. We are looking for producers who make styles like Future Bass, Dubstep,Tech House, Future Pop, Future Bounce, Progressive House, Electro House,Hip Hop, Trap, Chill, Trance, Future House and more.


sX simplifies the sharing experience by providing a Meta-Search comparison site and a Property Management Listing Service. On sharingXchange visitors can search, compare and share homes, rides and boats. Our Meta-Search engine aggregates apartments, houses or any other types of living spaces for rent from all major global rental sites. Provides the unique opportunity to search and compare all available rentals and choose the most suitable property based on location and price, and provide unique living spaces, such as houseboats, tree-houses, RVs, glamping tents, etc. displayed first on top of the search results.

Currently Hiring:

Sales Agent: Hate the thought of having to go into a stuffy office? Wanna be free to work from wherever you are in the world at a time that suits you? Yes, well look no further! We're looking for someone enthusiastic to come and join sharingXchange as part of our remote sales network. You will help grow our Property Management Listing Service for accommodations and boat share by providing listings of homes, rooms, and unique living spaces. We manage and promote these spaces on 20+ share websites.

Sales Ambassadors: We’re looking for enthusiastic individuals who wish to join sharingXchange. New team members will help grow our Property Management Listing Service for accommodations and Boat-share.


We are a bunch of curious and passionate people of different backgrounds and origins joined together for one mission - to empower people around the globe to tell powerful visual stories that matter.


Currently Hiring:

DevOps: Dear server/database admin, you’ve arrived at the opening where challenge meets excitement. Piktochart is a growing startup and we work to serve our users so that they can create infographics on a daily basis with ease. If you have a strong passion for scaling web apps and application security, we need your help on our server operations!


SelfDecode is a platform that enables you to maximize your genetic information. A suite of tools provides recommendations and visualizations based on your data. Get dietary and supplement suggestions designed to counter any negative genetic variations you may carry. Dive deeper using our extensive databases covering SNPs, genes, substances, diseases, and more!

Currently Hiring:

Front-End Javascript Developer: We are looking for a talented frontend developer. Duties and skills will include: must know Javascript, CSS and HTML well; execute creative and visually stunning front-end solutions; translate designs, wireframes, and mockups into highly composable code; collaborate and troubleshoot issues with various stakeholders and our back-end team; write clean, readable code and tests; give and receive feedback while working with a team; strong communication skills and the ability to work independently and as part of a team required.

Wordpress Developer: We are looking for a talented WordPress developer. Duties and skills will include: write clean, readable code; at least 3 Years of experience with web development in WordPress; experience with PHP and HTML/CSS; strong communication skills and the ability to work independently and as part of a team required.


At Curotec, we are not your typical web development company. Our focus leans heavily on user experience and also maintaining a cutting-edge approach to our design and development for enterprise-level solutions. We also have a really interesting team of people that span many different skill sets, cultures and backgrounds. We are a melting pot of sorts. One of the things our team members enjoy the most about working at Curotec is their ability to learn new things every day, not only about technology but also about their fellow team members and their cultures.

Currently Hiring:

Experienced Laravel, VueJS, and Magento Developer: We are looking for a highly skilled developer that has experience in building complex web applications using REST architecture and Laravel+VueJS frameworks. Candidates should ideally also have Magento and e-commerce experience for other projects as we are an agency and have a number of clients using different types of technology.


At Herrmann, we come to work every day because we want to help people and organizations better understand and harness their thinking to adapt to our changing world. We have a proven system to understand how each person in the organization thinks, and use that knowledge to increase their agility — the ability to stretch your thinking when the situation requires it — to achieve higher levels of performance. Because your thinking influences everything you do, the capacity to stretch your thinking reduces the friction in teamwork, communication and collaboration, improves innovation and productivity, and results in happier, more engaged people.

Currently Hiring:

UX Product Development Manager: Herrmann is hiring an experienced  UX Product Development Manager to assist in enabling our new platform features for visual search and image recognition.  Primary focus is to manage and coordinate product development projects to include evaluating and resolving technical feasibility, design optimization, and production issues. Role is an integral member of our Technology team and will interact with a cross-functional team in creating, developing, and delivering products to our strategic markets & support our client needs and our ongoing growth; will include working with clients and partners to co-create and tailor our solutions to ensure strong product market fit.

VP of Marketing: We’re looking for an experienced SaaS Marketer to help lead the growth of our business.  Do you have a track record of producing extraordinary demand generation funnels and marketing content?  Do you want to truly own all aspects of driving exponential growth for a business doing meaningful, life-changing work? This is a leadership role and will report directly to the new CEO,  influencing the brand and strategic objectives of a company with real, global impact. It goes without saying that you have a good eye, know about web and design trends, and “are creative.” All of that is the expected price of admission. What we need is someone who can apply those creative/marketing/branding skills to explode the demand for our business. Your willingness to travel is required, as you will be expected to be available to travel on short notice for activities that require physical presence.  If that’s you, this will be the best job you’ve ever had.


Our mission is to help every founder scale up their startup to realise a prosperous world. The Accelerator Platform blends digital and human experiences on business growth, inclusiveness and soft & hard skills by bringing together founders, technology, sponsors and mentors in online creative learning spaces. We are disrupting founders network and accelerators space by pioneering different ways of working. We are developing a digital accelerator platform that leverages existing digital tools and integrates them together with purpose-built tech which will include best-effort algorithms to assist decision-making. It is our intention that as we develop we will evolve the assisted decision-making algorithms to become self-learning AI engine.

Currently Hiring:

Social Media Expert: This position is a unique opportunity to gain varied experience of working at a fast growing online startup, alongside a passionate, dynamic and welcoming team. It's a chance to put your passion and knowledge of social media, communications and design into practice whilst supporting our journey This is a unique opportunity also to impact the future of innovative industries such as RetailTech, HealthTech, EnergyTech and TransportationTech. We are looking to find a resourceful and enthusiastic expert to lead our social media, writing and visual communication across our social media and website channels.

Product Developer: We are looking for a resourceful and enthusiastic expert to lead our product development. Skills include: broad and deep technology knowledge, business acumen and experience with development of innovative tech solutions; extensive experience in product development to achieve an organisational vision and business goals; capacity to both ask and answer key questions regarding technology, to lead the choice of technology in relation to the business strategy, available resources and trends, including the ability to help the team visualize the possibilities.

Video Production Expert: We are looking for a resourceful and enthusiastic expert that is both a video editor and a video storyteller. Ideal candidate will have experience with creating various videos like: brand videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, company culture, animation videos, educational videos and testimonial videos.


PR Volt has developed a custom approach that hacks the traditional PR system to yield incredible results for our clients. The media accolades speak for themselves. In just a short amount of time our clients have been featured in People, CNN, The Today Show, Huffington Post, AOL, Good Morning America, EXTRA and much more.

Currently Hiring:

Public Relations Campaign Manager: In this role, you will be responsible for developing media lists, generating pitch angles, writing compelling brand pitches, and sending them to editors on behalf of our clients. Writing compelling emails that editors can't help but open and read will be your North Star. Your ability to understand client needs and develop unique ways of presenting their products and services is outstanding. You are very creative, but also organized to the T. Your Excel skills are superb and your experience with CISION and Slack are unrivaled. You're also passionate about startups and technology and you're interested in disrupting the PR space. You know the difference between editorial and advertorial calendars and long lead and short lead pitching.


Modern business is being re-built atop a growing number of SaaS products. Individuals and teams find themselves not only choosing their technology, but also responsible for it. So while “traditional IT” was in direct control of all the apps employees used, Blissfully is built to support the new IT reality, providing instant visibility into SaaS dependencies, and the tools an organization needs to manage them successfully. Used by fantastic companies like Seatgeek, Drift, Robin, Crayon, and more - Blissfully is also supported by leading investors including Founder Collective. Led by experienced technology leaders who co-founded Boundless.com, Zaius, and Boldchat - Blissfully launched in beta in late Fall of 2017 and with customers signing up every day, we’re growing!

Currently Hiring:

Marketing Manager Acquisition: Blissfully is looking for scrappy, competitive marketer with at least 2 years hands-on experience managing all digital customer acquisition efforts including Google SEM, PPC, display, retargeting, paid and organic social. The right candidate will be able to demonstrate and break down campaigns including experimentation methods that ultimately led to successful increases in acquisition. Experience with keyword management and expansion, landing page testing, bid optimization, ad copy optimization, segmentation and targeting - especially utilizing Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match (be able to speak about these in depth.) You should have an almost unhealthy relationship with Adwords, Facebook Ad Manager and Google Analytics.

Growth Hacker: Blissfully is looking for a Growth Hacker to join our growing team! The right person will be equal parts creative and analytical, and understand the art and science of growth. Blissfully’s Growth Hacker will be responsible for conversion rate optimization across the entire funnel, connecting sales-ready messaging with acquisition channels to deliver highly efficient funnel. The Growth Hacker will report to the VP of Growth and manage full funnel experimentation to optimize acquisition, conversion rate, and retention. Always be testing!


Seedstars is a global organisation with a mission to impact people's lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. We mostly invest in amazing entrepreneurs and build companies from scratch but are also the organizers of seedstarsworld.com, the largest startup competition in emerging markets, and owners of seedspace.co, the fastest growing network of co-working & co-living spaces in these markets.


Currently Hiring:

Content Marketing Manager: The mission of the Content Marketing Manager is to use content marketing as the tool to optimize every day to meet Seedstars Marketing goals. The two main challenges of this position are to be able to create and generate the best content as well as to distribute it to our community in the most effective, KPI-driven way. The moment to join this position is extremely exciting as the group activities are growing exponentially, creating endless opportunities to create stories, videos, infographics and every kind of content. We are just waiting to find the right person to unleash all the content potential!

Growth Lead Seedspace: Your main responsibility will be to lead the growth and marketing efforts of Seedspace across the globe in collaboration with the Head of Marketing and the Product Owner. The position is a real connector between the Central Marketing team and the local teams working in the hubs (at the moment there are 9 locations already opened or opening soon: Abidjan, Lagos, Geneva, Cairo, Cape Town, Bogota, Medellin, Dar es Salaam, Casablanca).

Venture Capital Analyst Internship: We are looking for an analyst to join the Investment team and help support our sourcing, acceleration and monitoring activities. This is a role which can be done either from our global office in Porto, or remote.


Walkthrough embodies the hustle of Uber, customer service of Zappos, and the transparency of Buffer. We describe ourselves as competitive, entrepreneurial, and hustlers. A team of high-performers. Our goal is to build a ‘Unicorn’ - measuring our impact by the wealth we create and share in by building a great company. We’re doing this by choosing the best people all over the world, finding team members with tenacious drive for what’s right, and building an environment driven by self development and transparency. You’d especially fit right in if you’ve tried running your own business, held key management at previous startups, or reached the top of a sport or leadership in an organization. Today we’ve built a tool & marketplace streamlining real estate photography for real estate agents. Tomorrow we’re the platform to order anything related to selling a property (cleaning, staging, appraisals, inspections, renovations). We’ll focus on what brings the most value to the world.

Currently Hiring:

Full-Stack Web Developer (Python): This role is one you’d probably want because you: want ownership of a company and not being a cog in the wheel; want to help decide what should be done, not just given tasks; like interacting with the people you build software for whether that be a co-worker or a customer; push the limits of technology (think what Tesla has done for the automotive industry); want to work at a rapidly growing startup. One that’s venture-backed and generating revenue.

Remote UI/UX Designer for Web & Mobile: This role includes designing an MVP in InVision that we could test or implement *without code* to test your hypothesis (think lean startup); occasionally take customer support calls to understand what users are struggling with; redesigning the customer dashboard and Onboarding process to increase orders and reduce customer service calls; calling customers to run through mockups to get an initial feel for what should be iterated on; reviewing analytics data to understand what portion of the funnel to design next.


Brandnew IO is the complete suite for influencer management. Our platform enables brands and marketers to optimize their global influencer marketing programs with a set of tools to identify influencers, track profiles, manage relationships and measure campaign results. We’ve coordinated campaigns for brands such as Uber, Adidas and Spotify and have a network of the most powerful social media influencers across 60 markets. Our offices are based in Berlin, London and New York.

Currently Hiring:

Ruby on Rails Backend Developer: Brandnew IO are looking to find a well-qualified and ambitious Ruby on Rails Developer to join our team. The project presents a good opportunity for an experienced professional to build their portfolio in a successfully growing Startup in the heart of Berlin’s epicenter, alongside a highly skilled international team.


Low Mango is a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage & Technology Startup. We find, qualify and nurture people who are shopping for Real Estate. We then connect them to the most relevant agents in their area who are ready to help. We provide value to both the Real Estate Shoppers & Pros.

Currently Hiring:

Full Stack Developer: We are seeking a talented full-stack developer with 4+ years of experience. Our organization is still small, and individual roles are deep – you are expected to contribute across the entire stack and develop through all stages of development.


We're building a very niche and invite only community of top class software talent. We augment the community with a symbiosis of man and machine to deliver kick-ass projects. We have built AI-powered tools to take our community to superhuman levels of efficiency which enables us to deliver quality projects at scale. You get the ability to work from wherever you want. Whether you prefer traveling and working from exotic beaches or spending time with your family and working from home, the choice is yours.


Currently Hiring:

Head of Content: Content has been the key to our growth. Responsibilities will include: defining the brand voice and tone; building a strong brand; crafting our content strategy and implementing across all our communications; pitching content and marketing ideas for blogs, videos; creating content; hiring and managing relevant freelancers if required.

Frontend Engineer: We are looking for a React Developer passionate about creating polished web applications with beautiful, well-designed UIs using the React library. Your primary responsibility will be the implementation of visual elements and their behaviors with user interactions. You will work with both front-end and back-end web developers to build all client-side logic. You will also be bridging the gap between the visual elements and the server-side infrastructure, taking an active role on both sides, and defining how the application looks and functions.