How to Recruit Creatively


To find the best candidates as a job recruiter, it's time to get creative. When you market to the right candidates, your job becomes easier. Today's recruiter has to be social media savvy and understand the ways in which job seekers want to be contacted. Through a variety of methods, it’s possible to reach out to a wide audience of potential candidates within minutes, once the groundwork is set.

Attract the Right Talent via Social Media

If you haven't developed a persona on a variety of social media platforms, then you’re missing out on a large number of individuals looking for a job. Social media platforms are an easy way to reach out to an audience and attract the type of talent you’re looking for. Through targeted advertising and well timed posts, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field and represent your team voice and personality. Pay attention to ad development to spend your marketing dollars wisely and learn how each different platform works for your own brand. Attract the right people with your voice.

Implement Text Messaging For Recruiting

The fastest and most efficient way to reach a large audience is through text messaging. By using a text messaging software, you can automate your recruiting in order to be more efficient. Potential candidates can sign up for your text messaging campaign. Individuals who are qualified for a particular opening can be sent a message, while at the same time leaving out those who are not a good match. You can share information and answer questions within minutes through text messaging. In order to reach the top employees, you have to get to them fast.

Host an Event for Your Company

If you have a number of openings, hold an event that showcases the variety of talent you are looking for. You can also join a job fair, but you will be one company in a sea of companies also looking for great talent. When you host your own event, you effectively eliminate all competition and can focus more on the candidates you meet. Provide plenty of marketing materials at your event to be looked at a later time. Make it clear how to sign up to receive text messages from your company and promote yourself as much as possible. Meet candidates and pay attention to what they are saying. The cultivation of a strong relationship begins at the first meeting.

Give Employees an Incentive to Refer New Employees

If you’re struggling to find great employees, start an employee referral program. Employees immersed in your own team culture are going to refer friends and family members they think are a good fit. Reward successful referrals with a financial bonus, time off, or other perks, depending on the nature of your business or even the role. Take all referrals seriously and be sure to connect with each one.

You'll Find the Right Match

To find the best talent, act fast. Know who you are looking for and use your time efficiently. If you have a candidate you want, reach out quickly and set up an interview. Use the tools at your disposal to communicate and make a connection.

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