New city launch: We're in Chicago!

Ahh the good ol’ windy city. We are proud to announce that Croissant is now available in Chicago, IL.

Why Chicago?

Well for one, there is a huge, thriving community of remote workers, startups, and freelancers in Chicago. It has the largest number of startups of any Midwest city and is home to Grubhub, Signal, Trunk Club, Groupon, and YCharts.

In a recent study by KPMG, 841 global business executives, venture capitalists and investors were asked: “Which three cities will emerge to rival Silicon Valley/San Francisco over the next four years?” And Chicago came up 6th on that list!

Chicago is especially known for its startups in the fields of artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of things). And there are tons of coding schools for those looking to up their skills in the most recent technology.

Reasonable rent, tons of amazing restaurants (deep dish pizza, anyone?), and fantastic public transportation options altogether make Chicago a very desirable place to live.


Announcing brand new Croissant spaces in Chicago

Now that we’ve all agreed that Chicago is amazing, we want to talk a bit about the coworking options there. Say hello some seriously great workspaces available both in the heart of Chicago’s downtown area, as well as in the more low key hip neighborhoods around the city.

We are happy to announce our wonderful launch partners. All Croissant members can now easily check in at any of these locations. Whether you call Chicago home, or you take a visit every now and then.. there will be a seat waiting for you.



Workspace 230 in River North is one of the O.G. Chicago coworking spaces!


Carr Aon in New East Side offers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier.



The folks at Space by Doejo are just a fun group of people. Designers and developers will feel especially at home.



Coalition Space: Energy is focused on those involved working on groundbreaking energy and clean tech project.



Coalition Space: Impact is buzzing with entrepreneurs, founders, and investors who are striving to make the world a better place. Plus, roof deck!



Signature Offices in South Loop has gorgeous views and is located right next to Kent Park.



Serendipity Labs is a perfect spot for an afternoon of focused coworking time.



Workvault is a quirky, friendly spot where you're bound to meet exciting startups and founders.



Take a seat next to the window! Free Range Offices is a large space with tons and tons of natural sunlight.



Check out the beautiful local art decorating the walls at the collaborative homiey in Humboldt Park.