Taking a look inside workVAULT in South Loop

We are very excited to introduce you to workVAULT today in beautiful Chicago! workVAULT is a very friendly, positive space in the heart of South Loop. We spoke with Rima Dekhtiar to learn more about her work at workVAULT (she's the office manager!), what it's like there, and other random topics.


Here's Rima!

Here's Rima!

Can you tell us about the vibe & atmosphere at Workvault?

workVAULT definitely exudes very positive vibes throughout. From some great music playing in the lobby when you enter, to the exposed brick and rustic elements in the workspaces, we try to provide a relaxing and stress free place to get some work done. Not to mention everywhere you turn, you’ll see someone working their ass off which is very motivating! 


What are some of your favorite neighborhood spots nearby in South Loop?

Chicago Waffles is the breakfast spot, its quick and easy and delicious!! We also have an awesome Italian restaurant right next door, and its great for lunch and dinner if you have to work late! Or for a lighter lunch, our members often head over to Mac Kelly’s. Theres also tons of great workout spots close by which is great to go blow off some steam.


Yummm these waffles from Chicago Waffle are making us hungry!

Yummm these waffles from Chicago Waffle are making us hungry!


In the pictures, it looks like there’s a motorcycle in the space! What is the story behind the motorcycle?!

Lol! The motorcycle is actually gone now but to be honest I have no idea where it came from! I left on a Friday and there was a couch, and when I got in on Monday the couch was replaced by a motorcycle, and it stayed there for like a month..so bizarre! 


What are some of the most exciting events that have recently been hosted at Workvault?

We recently helped host iF Charities' Annual Fundraiser Gala and the space was decked out like never before!! And it was awesome to help out with such a great cause. We also have a bunch more fundraisers coming up this month, and some fashion shows! 



Lastly, can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Sure! I graduated last year from University of Illinois at Chicago, and actually started working at workVAULT as an intern for a few months before I went full time and eventually became Office Manager. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, and family (and my dog, duh), roam around different parts of the city, I love to cook and (and EAT!), and travel when I am able to, but mostly I like to just lay in bed and relax with a good book or some Netflix!


Thank you so much Rima for speaking with us! Be sure to say hello to Rima if you're stopping by workVAULT in Chicago :)