5 Places for Focused Quiet Time in NYC

UPDATED: Please note that this post has been updated as of 7/17/19

We’ve had those days where getting into the actual mindset for work was harder than actual work, which tends to lead to crazy procrastination. We grab more coffee, scroll through our Facebooks, call our moms…really anything before actual work.

Happily, for those days we really have to sit down and crank some productivity out, we like to use Croissant to find a good, quiet workspace. Here are our favorites below, but don’t worry! If we see you around, we’ll be sure not to distract you!

Servcorp Fidi


With a space for desks with partitions to keep you away from any distractions, the general peaceful vibe, Servcorp in Fidi is perfect for solo study. The space is very professional and independent so you can grab tea or coffee in the communal kitchen area, chat a bit with a few people, before returning to your desk space for work time.


It’s like a a secret, quiet spot in the heart of midtown, which already gives it points. There are plenty of communal tables on a quiet floor, a sun washed roof deck, and large windows that bring in natural light. Also, let’s not forget the two big points: quiet and midtown.

The Commons

Don’t laugh, but we see The Commons as some majestic hall. The scope of the space with the skylight and high ceilings keep it roomy, but the carpeting keeps it quiet. If you’re going to make a phone call at your desk, it’s really no big deal because not everyone will hear you.

2 Park

This is perfect for an hour or two of super concentrated focus. It’s not in the most happening spot of Midtown East, so it’s super low-key (aka: plenty of room) and not loud at all which is what we’re really after.

Camp David


Camp David outlet is off the usual beaten path— meaning not too busy and perfect for a whole day of focus. It’s super spacious with tons great spaces to post up — communal tables, cafe seating, and even couches. Not to mention an onsite cafe. Plus, it’s in Industry City, Brooklyn where you can let off steam in between work sprints.

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