30 NYC Startups You Need to Know About 2017

It's a good time to be a startup in New York City. The mayor's office is turning its head towards tech more than ever and entrepreneurs have come to appreciate the diversity of talent and resources available in the city.

Wondering which are the startups that you need to be keeping an eye out on? Here are 30 that are coming strong this year.


The women at Werk are here to close the gender-wage gap

Flexibility is key to closing the wage gap, economists say, and the two founders of Werk say that their job search company is going to give women a leg up when it comes to negotiating flexible work opportunities. Werk co-founder Anna Auerbach describes what she intends for her website to accomplish for her clients. “We help women negotiate the deal that works best for them by normalizing the conversation.” By negotiating directly with employers for flexible schedules before posting job opportunities to their site, Werk intends to change the status quo of women being forced to choose between work and childcare.. That sounds like a big win for all of us.


Meet Claire - The Fashionista Who Lives in your FB inbox

Fashion companies tired of developing and manufacturing daring new styles only to see them sit on shelves, unbought and unwanted are now turning to Claire to figure out what the consumer wants. Gone are the days of 3 hour market research sessions and two way mirrors. The future belongs to Claire, a artificial-intelligence (ish) bot who is going to be hitting you up in the near future through FB messenger and asking you if you prefer the flared skirt or the one with the ruffles. When you, and millions others, click on the style you like, Claire is going to take your input straight to the drawing board and your choices are going to dictate next fall’s line-up!


If you love to write fiction but don't have time for a novel, try Radish

Radish is revolutionizing serial fiction content by offering byte sized content that readers can interact with. As Founder & CEO Seong Yoon Lee explained in an interview with Cool Hunting, "Serialized writing, at its core, is about interaction. It's all about real-time writing. How our writers write an episode is a lot like a soap opera. You have an episode idea. You start writing. You get feedback. You write the next episode. You get feedback again. You write again." The app doubles as a platform for writers to distribute and for users to consume, similar to how YouTube provided a platform for video content creators. 



Frozen food gets a modern makeover with Daily Harvest

Did you know that most apples you buy in the grocery store are picked over a year before you consume them? Daily Harvest, the brain-child of Rachel Drori, wants to change the way you think about frozen food. Yes, it is a miracle that you can eat Argentinian strawberries in January, but what’s the point if they taste like freezer burn? Daily Harvest is going to up the standard of frozen food and compete with local farm quality produce. “'The nutritional quality is just as good-and sometimes even better, because the produce is often picked and frozen at its peak of quality' - Michael Pollan, Author of Omnivore's Dilemma.


Rezi is building the renting experience of the future.

Rezi is an end to end solution for property owners with single to mutli-family housing untis. For renters there is good news, you no longer have to wait weeks to apply for an apartment. Rezi takes care of all the for you- the application, the approval, the paperwork, even the initial payment. They reduce the rental period from weeks to an hour- best part is you won't even have to leave your bed.


Bulletin is re-inventing retail.

Bulletin is a shared-retail space currently established with three stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan and a couple more opening up out west in LA and Portland. But each store is completely unique and inventory is going to be radically different from week to week. Each table, each shelf is rented out to a brand that gets “their own store within a larger space,” according to co-founder Ali Kriegsman. Bulletin is a different shopping experience and the place to be to find the newest trends in fashion.



Mobile, professional healthcare for women has arrived with Maven

Maven is here to simplify healthcare for women by making sure that women have all the resources they need to live a healthy life right on their smartphone. Maven provides video chat appointments with doctors and health professionals and can even provide you with a prescription over the phone. Katherine Ryder founded Maven “because we want to make it easier for women to get immediate, professional care from someone they trust.” So next time you’re feeling under the weather, skip the WebMD self-diagnosis and get on Maven to talk to someone who you can trust.


Divorce is terrifying. Divorceify wants to walk you through it.

Divorceify's mission is to not only streamline the divorce process through technology, but also to empower and prepare clients for success in their new lives after it's over. When marriage comes to an end, Divorceify intends to be the concierge service that helps people get through the divorce proceedings by providing access to experts, informational services, and roadmaps to follow. Set your goals, provide some basic details, and Divorceify will respond with feedback and recommendations on how to get a jump start on your new life.


WearAway takes the hassle out of renting wardrobes

Whether you are putting together a fashion shoot in Chelsea or filming a short in Williamsburg, WearAway is the go-to spot for fashion stylists in need of a specific wardrobe delivered fast. Liz Teich, a fashion stylist, used WearAway to get the job done. “WearAway is a game-changing stylist’s concierge. The service was a lifesaver when I needed designer shoes delivered in time for a last minute fitting.” If you are in NYC and in need of some last minute style delivered to your door, look no further than the professionals at WearAway.



Information Overload is the Disease and Agolo is the Cure

Unless you’re one of the brave souls who has forsaken Twitter and FB to go live in a Montana fallout bunker, you’re probably struggling to cope with wave after wave of crazy new stories that inundates your newsfeed every morning. Fake news, fake crises, fake tans, who can keep up anymore? Agolo is here to help. The algorithm at Agolo uses artificial intelligence to provide you with a concise summary of events in real-time. Check it out and be rewarded with some well deserved peace of mind. It sounds like magic but it’s not. It’s Agolo.


The future is 3-D printing, the future is Voodoo Manufacturing

We all have heard about 3-D printing, and according to some article we read that one time, 3-D printing is going to change the way we manufacture stuff in the future. Well, the guys at Voodoo Manufacturing believe that the future is now. By hooking up 160 printer clusters, Voodoo can produce your products at previously unimaginable rates. They’ve already printed and produced velociraptors for Universal, hi-tech dresses for Intel and DIY robots just for the fun of it. If you can dream it, Voodoo is going to make it, and they’re going to make it fast.



Morty will find the best mortgage for you

Morty is a digital full-service mortgage broker platform. Users have the ability to shop around and compare different loan products potentially saving user thousands per month and at closing. They've even managed to reduce the closing time of a loan down to 7 days. The best part is that you don't even have to put pants on for Morty to get you approved. Morty recently went through the Barclays Fintech Accelerator powered by 


Breaker brings a new twist to the Podcast world

For those of us who listen to podcasts to get through our morning commute, having a solid player app is essential. There are a few solid options available on the Apple store, but Breaker may be the smoothest of the bunch. By adding a social component to its super reliable platform, Breaker gives you the ability to find new chapters to supplement the familiar. You can easily download what you already love and see what is trending in your area to find amazing new content.


Paragon One is here to get you started in your dream career

Paragon One is an online career center focused on matching foreign students with jobs in the US. If you are a student from abroad looking to stay in the US and start your career, Paragon One is the place for you. Their software will match you with industry professionals who can coach you in how to break into the field. Paragon One will also prep you for interviews, guide you through the hiring process, and make sure that you are heading down the career path of your dreams. If you are looking to get started in a new career and need some guidance, the team at Paragon One is the place to start.


Algoriz may just be the Rosetta Stone of Algorithms

It’s not rocket science, but it mind as well be. Some of you out there may know how to write complex algorithms, and we’re all very proud of you, but the for the rest of us, there’s Algoriz. Soraya Taghavi, the genius founder of Algoriz, is attempting to close the gap between finance and software engineering by allowing traders to test their ideas without writing code. With Algoriz you can type in regular English and her program will translate your words intobasic algorithms. This allows you to test your theories before putting them into play. Definitely a must have for any up and coming stock traders out there.



Turn your picnic up to 11 with Upicnic

Take the stress out of planning a Central Park picnic and leave the details to the experts. “When you think of the process of having a picnic with your friends, it’s not that easy as it seems, especially here in New York,” said Marta Antonelli, co-founder of Upicnic. “It’s so much work and it shouldn’t be because the idea of a picnic is to go to the park and relax.” The guys at Upicnic are clearly passionate about what they do and what they do is picnics. So if you’re in NYC and you and your friends looking to set up a picnic in the park this summer, check out Upicnic for all your excursionary needs.


Boost your referrals and boost profits with Auctio

Auctio is a lead generation and referral optimization start-up lead by founder Ricardo Ibarra. If you and your company are in need of some marketing expertise, Ricardo wants to help. His platform allows companies to “launch and optimize referral and cross selling programs” as well as “generate more revenue from referrals.” So if your up-and-coming business is looking for a revenue bump, check out Auctio.



Start investing in fine art with Arthena

Did you know that top performing fine artists at auctions have consistently outperformed the stock market? Arthena is making it easy for everyone to own a piece of fine art. They are essentially an investment platform that uses proprietary algorithms based on art auctions and sales to let users know which art to add to their portfolio. CEO Madeleine believes that Arthena is creating an asset class for the future. If you ever wanted to have bragging rights about owning a Monet or Picasso, now is your chance to get in on the action.


Man and Machine join forces to make music at Amper

Amper Music is what happens when man and machine collaborate to lay down a slick track. Whether you are looking for some uplifting harmonies for your short video or a background track for your big presentation, Amper is the new place to go. Just pick a mood, length and genre and Amper will quickly provide you with an original track to fit your specifications. Film composer and Amper co-founder Drew Silverstein believes that “the future of music is going to be created in the collaboration between humans and AI” and his project, Amper, is only the beginning.


Kidpass is like ClassPass for kid's classes. 

Moms and Dads all over NYC can now search and filter from hundreds of classes by age, activity, location, and category to find the best activity for their child. With over 100 partners in NYC, kids can now enjoy things like swim classes, pottery, workshops, and much more. Nothing like dropping your kids off and having the afternoon to yourself. Thanks Kidpass!


Take the hassle out of apartment hunting with Bedly

Skip the Craiglist ads and head over to Bedly where you can see over 350 pre-furnished apartments in Boston and NYC available right now. Bedly furnishes the apartment, pre-screens roommates and takes care of the utilities, leaving you a little more time to breathe. At Bedly, they “manage the entire process for you, from search to move-in to move-out. We enable you to live on your own terms, with whom you choose, and worry less about housing.” Most of us have had a terrible apartment experience, and for those who don’t feel like living through a repeat, Bedly may just be the answer.


Give better gifts. Give Token.

Next time you need to find a gift and have no idea what to buy, turn to Token. The experts at Token make gift-giving simple. Tap in a few details about who you’d like to give a gift to, and Token will hand-pick gifts just for you. Gone are the days of dread and frantic last-minute shopping trips; in are the days of Token. 



Fabric is a modern update to life insurance

Let’s be honest, buying life insurance sure isn’t one of the exciting moments that you’re going to tell your grandkids about. Yet buying life insurance is a necessity, especially for young parents, and Fabric wants to make the process of buying life insurance quick, simple and transparent. Instead of going to an agency and filling out a bunch of forms, download the Fabric app and you can be signed up for life insurance in just a few minutes. Fabric gives you the peace of mind knowing that you’re insured against the worst without the hassle of dealing with traditional insurance agencies. 


Embrace the Hater and find your soulmate

You’ve filled out your OKC profile with lackluster results. Your thumb has cramped up from all the Tinder swiping. Maybe it is time to join the dark side and embrace the Hater in you. Hater is a dating app that matches you with potential dates based on all the things you hate. Whether its selfies, cargo shorts or country music, whatever it is you hate, Hater has a match for you. If you have some pet peeves and feel like bonding, this app created by Brendan Alper may be your shot at true love. Or if not love, at least Hater will set you up with a reliable partner to vent with over whatever it is that is bugging you today.



Get personal recommendations with Prefer

When we’re searching for a hair stylist or house painter, we settle for services like Yelp and Zeel because recommendations from random internet strangers are better than straight random chance. But what if we could get salon recommendations from people we actually know? That’s the question Scott Belsky asked himself and that’s why he founded Prefer, a referral app that generations recommendations through your social media network. Prefer is betting on the fact that you trust your friends and will use their recommendations over those of randoms on the internet. 


Free hugs gets an app with Shine

Ok, maybe they haven’t quite figured out yet how to hug you through an app, but Shine is pretty much the next best thing. Sign up for Shine and you’ll get a text message every morning that is sure to brighten up your day. The mission of Shine is to “break the spiral of silence around the very things that make us human, like the normal feelings of self-doubt that sometimes comes with our ambitious, purposeful lives.”  Focusing on the themes of confidence, mindfulness, positivity, passion and body image, Shine gets your morning going on the right foot with a little boost of cheer.


Flocabulary combines education and hip hop with magical results

Everybody has their own style of learning and honestly and Flocabulary may just be the coolest style out there. Flocabulary takes education lessons, everything from simple math lessons to the story of whether Columbus really ‘discovered’ America, and lays it over a professional beat to make legitimately enjoyable rap songs with educational messages. Under the direction of founder Alex Rappaport, Flocabulary has been for over a decade bringing together talented rappers and producers from LA, Atlanta and NYC to create over 700 songs that are genuinely educational and amazingly listenable. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself. Here’s one track telling the story of Dr. King Jr. Prepare to be amazed.



Make dinner reservations with VocoLife and get free Amazon giftcards

Vocolife wants to use gift card rewards to bridge the divide between trend-setting millennials and high quality restaurants that would otherwise be considered too pricey. When you and your friends want to go out to eat, check to see what rewards you can get by booking through Vocolife. Co-founder Blaine Bolus describes it like this, “When a group of friends books a reservation through VocoLife, their payment is handled through the app, and they are entitled to a reward for going and dining through our platform.” Upgrade your dining experience and gain rewards by booking your table through Vocolife. And okay, these guys are based in Boston, but their app has an amazing selection of NYC restaurants so for the sake of this list.. we think it counts.