4 Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces

When you're hopping from spot to spot with your canine buddy in tow, sometimes it's hard to find the right coworking space for the both of you. Thankfully, here are some great spaces in a few of our favorite cities that are full of amenities and welcome pooches.

Input Lofts in NYC

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Naturally and socially lit, Input Lofts is a space perfect for working, collaborating, and playing with pooches. Please note the large mural on the wall upon entering— it declares itself to be “Dakota’s Coffee,” which if you haven’t seen is also the name of the adorable pooch on Input Lofts’ Instagram. Yeah….she’s kind of a big deal. Treat yourself to coffee and tea, get conference room access, and hang out with your pup. Here, office dogs aren’t just a hashtag, it’s a way of life.

Covo in San Francisco

If you’re looking for a canine-friendly spot in the Bay Area, why not Covo? The space brings creators and entrepreneurs together with food, drink, art, and music to create a friendly, personalized space for the community. What’s more, the coworking office is spread out and spacious— and also has a nap room!— perfect for you and your dog pal to get productive and hang out low-key.

Workspace230 in Chicago

A perfect spot in River North— one of the oldest coworking spaces in Chicago, in fact— that’s bright and friendly to coworkers both human and canine. Standing desks, complimentary coffee and tea, and white boards for brainstorming make the space perfect for you, while the large, flex workspace is perfect for some canine coworking.

Kleverdog in Los Angeles

Does your dog do some smart tricks? It’s literally in the name here. Kleverdog is a space for creative pros looking for collaboration, community, and the occasional canine. Dogs are welcome in this space— sometimes there are treats!— and if your dog’s game, get ready to introduce them to Kleverdog’s Instagram with a start-up professional bio to boot. Social media mutts and developer dogs need apply! 

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