Introducing BCNewt, Barcelona's buzziest coworking space

This week, we spoke to Pablo Latorre, space manager of BCNewt. Located in the heart of Barcelona’s tech and startup neighborhood, also known as 22@ in Poblenou, BCNewt is a hub for growth stage companies and remote workers from near and far. You’ll definitely meet new freelancer friends to work or hang out with on their outdoor terrace.

So why BCNewt? Is it because newt’s self-regenerative nature is like an entrepreneur?

Yes, their self-regenerative nature is a value similar to how entrepreneurs can reinvent themselves and transform their projects again and again to success. In addition, we found more resemblances. The salamanders, like the newt, make the metamorphosis in three stages of development throughout their life: aquatic larva, juvenile terrestrial (eft) and adult. If we look at an entrepreneur, we could also see different stages, since one might start with a few projects until having a consolidated community of customers and suppliers. In BCNewt we help all these entrepreneurs, through our events, workshops  and networking, to become a reputed professional or even a small company.

Why did you start BCNewt?

In 2014, Barcelona became a great city in which develop technological projects. The refounded 22@ district set a place where green and smart companies could find good facilities and structures to create new relations and, therefore, grow together.

However, companies didn’t came alone. With them, lots of freelancers also were attracted here. We wanted to offer them a great place where they can work in the 22@ district and help them in all of their needs.

In addition, we wanted to become the first network of sustainable spaces for coworking in Barcelona. We built a goal of creating a shared workspace that was respectful with the environment. What started as a small community, located in an industrial place in one of the most innovative and modern areas of Barcelona, has now become a successful platform for entrepreneurs.

Espacio Eventos Barcelona Poblenou Bogatell_13.jpeg

What kind of people would you find working at BCNewt?

In our community you can find start-ups that were looking for a place to work in group, maybe in our opened offices or in our private rooms, digital nomads, and remote workers who wanted to join the Barcelona working experience

Nowadays there are more professionals around the world who can work in the remote way, and they choose Barcelona to establish themselves. The good weather, the modern structures, and its cosmopolitan lifestyle bring a plus to their experience and, of course, their careers, which soon are influenced by new trends in their sectors.

How would you describe the 22@ in Poblenou neighborhood?

It is the cradle of innovation and technology in Barcelona. It was the industrial place of the city where the catalan factories were built. Now, it’s in a post-industrial moment. Theses factories became great offices of technological companies and amazing workshops for artisans and artists.

That mix brings the neighborhood the firsts trends in different sectors. Entrepreneurs choose our district for knowing which way to get their new projects.

Any interesting events happening at the space, or nearby?

We know how important your network is to our members. That’s why we constantly organize events, networkings, and after work hangouts, where freelancers and entrepreneurs can meet professionals who can advise or help improve one’s work activity. There are workshops run by IT companies, lunch for coworkers with freebies for members, Knowmad Sessions with experts in a wide variety of topics. And so on…


BCNewt offers resources for professionals and businesses, which go beyond a printer and a fast Wi-Fi connection. It also offers the opportunity to work in a community, build new relationships, establish valuable collaborations, and continuous training through meetings with experts from the community. We run collaboration projects with local and international universities, host interns to support startups, have free tickets for trade shows partners, and have investors to boost the projects from our community.

We share these ideals in a living community, in which anyone can find other people, who can give an idea, a project, a client or a skill, which isolated at home, you would not have. We also participate in the rest of our projects and offer our experiences to create positive synergies to help everyone grow.