A Day in Selina

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I did a quick day-trip to Selina Milfontes which is a few hours outside of Lisbon. Villa Nova de Milfontes is a beautiful, cozy coastal town with a cobblestoned streets, white washed buildings, and a picturesque, sandy beach. The Selina location includes coworking, a bar, outdoor seating, along with living accommodations. Perfect for a day or weekend trip!

Getting There

Getting to Selina Mifontes is an easy ride from Lisbon. I took the bus from Sete Rios, from the Jardim Zoologico metro station. There are several buses every day between Lisbon and Milfontes, and the Selina Milfontes is a 1-km walk from the bus stop.

I’ve already visited the Selina in Lisbon and love working outside in the garden so I had an idea of what to expect once I arrived. 

What I’m Working on (a bit about Saara).

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I’m originally from Finland but I’ve been living in Portugal for four and a half years. I´m a graphic designer and I work mostly with print. While I was staying at Selina, I was working on a book cover design. I often do handwritten typography, so I did some sketches and started working on the final cover. For some reason all my versions had different shades of blue. That inspiration probably came from all the beautiful colors of Selina and the ocean nearby. 

First Impressions

The room was nicely designed and cute, the bed was comfortable and I slept really well since it was so quiet! There’s also a common kitchen where you can make your own meals, or you can grab breakfast at the Selina Cafe— it even had a vegan option!

There was also an outdoor terrace where locals can grab a drink at night, so there was a nice mix of locals and tourists.

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A Day at Selina

Selina also has daily events going on. I did rooftop yoga in the morning, but they also have surfing lessons, meditation etc. depending on the day. There’s also a library and movie theater— which are nice extras, especially if you ́re traveling alone and would like to connect with other people.

They also have events in the evening at the rooftop which I think it’s a nice way to meet new people.

The coworking area is very cute and I settled down for a few hours. There were also phone booths for Skype calls and a meeting room if you need. 

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Visiting Milfontes 

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There are so many beautiful beaches nearby, and you can walk everywhere since it's such a small town. You can pretty much see the town and the beaches in one day. The city itself is very small but there are a lot of restaurants. Mainly traditional Portuguese food, but I was surprised to see that even that the traditional Portuguese place where we had dinner had a vegetarian option.

The Best Part of the Trip

Watching the sunrise from the rooftop terrace was a beautiful experience.

See you next time!

As a digital nomad or someone wanting to add a few extra days to their stay in Lisbon, I‘d recommend a 2-day trip to Milfontes, so you have time to relax at the beach and also get some work done and make the most of your stay.