Why Coworking Is the Ideal Solution for Working Parents

Coworking spaces are a great way to balance work and life. | Photo by  Chris Adamus  on  Unsplash

Coworking spaces are a great way to balance work and life. | Photo by Chris Adamus on Unsplash

Young professionals are having a hard time trying to make a balance between life and work. Every single job out there is demanding, but it’s never a good idea to simply give up your leisure time in order to become a more productive individual.

While this is a big problem for modern employees, it gets even bigger when you become a parent. How do you combine professional duties with family commitments? Can you handle all tasks and take care of your children properly in a no-sleep mode (more or less)? 

These and many other issues force young dads and moms to freelance and turn to coworking as the way to achieve that much-needed balance between work and life.

Studies show that over a quarter of work is already done outside of normal working hours, while the number of coworking offices keeps growing year after year. According to the report, there are over 35 thousand flexible workspaces worldwide already. While this is a clear signal that the labor market is evolving, we want to delve deeper into the subject and explain why coworking is the perfect solution for working parents. Let’s check it out!

6 Reasons to Opt for Coworking as a Parent

Coworking is not a novelty anymore, but rather a well-established concept with a wide range of highly practical benefits

This is the main reason why content creation services such as UK Assignment Holic and Australian Writings promote the coworking culture among employees and encourage authors to write in a more comfortable environment. But before we analyze the six most important privileges of parent coworking, we want to remind you why traditional solutions don’t meet our expectations anymore.  

First of all, traditional jobs and offices do not offer parents the kind of flexibility they need to get everything done in a timely manner. You must always ask for permissions or test colleagues’ patience even though it is completely natural to get out for a while and take care of your kids.

Secondly, commercial buildings are rarely ever located near childcare and schools. This is a huge issue because it wastes a lot of time and demands everyday planning. On the other hand, working from home is also not an ideal solution because you can face numerous distractions. You can always find something else to do at home, particularly if your kids are around.

In such circumstances, coworking becomes the number one option for modern parents.

You Get to Choose a Location

The basic privilege of coworking as a parent is that you get to choose the location of your new office. With so many coworking premises all over the globe, you can probably find a building that fits perfectly into your daily regime. 

For instance, you can opt for a place near the center or find a coworking space in the nearest proximity of your home. Another good thing is that coworking offices are usually well-connected and paired nicely with the main public transport lines. This makes commuting faster and way simpler.

Flexible Work Hours

This is another well-known benefit of coworking in general, but it is even more important for young parents who are still struggling to find regular daily rhythms. No matter what you do for a living, you can combine it with your duties as a parent and create a schedule that suits you perfectly.

Members of the Assignment Geek Melbourne find coworking to be a family-friendly option: “You only get to pay for the time you actually spend in the coworking space. It doesn’t only help you to work more productively but it also reduces operational costs and saves your budget.”

You Get a Quiet Place to Concentrate

Why do we all love coworking? Well, it’s because it gives us a quiet place to calm down and concentrate on our professional duties. A coworking office is not a coffee shop – you don’t have to keep making new orders to avoid feeling uncomfortable and you don’t have to listen to the crowd of people small talking around you. It’s a strictly professional environment where you can focus 100 percent and do your best while your kids are having fun in a daycare center.

You Can Take a Break

Taking a break is a natural part of the work process, which is why coworking spaces are designed to ensure maximum relaxation. Almost every coworking office has a kitchen or social room or lounge area where you can rest for a while, make a cup of coffee, and consolidate. Most of those come with snacks, beverages, etc. while the best offices even include workout equipment. It’s an all-inclusive ambiance where you can make a pause and go back to work with your batteries fully charged.

It’s a Chance to Meet Other Parents

Coworking premises also give you networking opportunities that you can use to meet other people. It often leads to new professional plans and ideas, but it is not only a precious detail business-wise. Jake Gardner, a blogger at Bestessay.com and a creator of the best paper writing services review, says coworking will give you a chance to meet other parents, exchange experiences related to your kids, and discuss the way you are dealing with everyday duties: “Sometimes this is exactly what you need – support and encouragement coming from people who are in the same situation like you.”

Find a coworking space with childcare

We saved the best for last. Namely, the new trend is to combine coworking with childcare facilities. There are tons of reports noting that coworking spaces are starting to offer on-site child care that better fits many parents’ changing work schedules — and serves as the perfect transition for working mothers returning from maternity leave. If you can find this type of coworking space nearby, you don’t need to look any further! There are even some on coworking app Croissant, like Juggle Hub in Berlin.


Being a good parent while trying to fulfill job requirements professionally is everything but simple. It takes a super-strong individual to handle everything on time despite being sleepy and tired 24/7. This is exactly where coworking offices step in to help parents overcome the most demanding periods of their lives. 

Have you ever tested coworking after becoming a parent? How did you manage to handle all responsibilities simultaneously? Feel free to share your opinions in comments – we are sure that all of our parent-readers will be glad to hear about your experiences!

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