Getting a Move on with Your Business with Felix Medina Jr.

The moving company entrepreneur in his favorite coworking space, Village One.

The moving company entrepreneur in his favorite coworking space, Village One.

Starting your own company or even moving house can be intimidating at the beginning, but sometimes committing to the new journey can make all the difference. Croissant member and entrepreneur Felix Medina Jr. began his own moving company after working long hours as a salesperson for one. And with the help of Croissant, he’s used coworking spaces to provide a spot for his movers and sales team all around the city.

Tell us about running your own business. How did you get into it?

I started as a salesperson at another moving company. I would work 50 hours a week and sometimes I would even do the moves. I hated being stuck behind one desk and not being able to expand myself. I always wanted to run my own business. So I took a leap of faith and started doing the moves myself. I searched on Google how to start a moving business. Haha, it was as simple as that. I bought leads, I got a business account with a truck company and got the job done. That’s when I quit my job and started my entrepreneurial journey. Everything worked out.

What are some things you learned while running your own moving company?

Always reinvest in yourself. As an owner you are the brand of the company. All of your employees reflect from you. You have to train everybody with the same mindset even if it’s lifting a box or selling a moving service. Be nice to everybody even if they are not nice to you. You can always do better next time. Referrals is key in moving business.

What's a piece of advice you would give a starting entrepreneur?

Reassurance. You have to trust yourself that you will stick to a plan and that you can fulfill that plan. Your going to doubt yourself if midway through the plan things don't workout. That’s when you have to reassure your commitment of starting your business. Trusting your capabilities and understanding your weaknesses. That’s why you hire somebody who's strong where you’re weak at.

What's your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

Learning and connecting. When you’re a salesperson you learn to just be the best seller. When you’re an entrepreneur you learn how to be the best in every position of a business. I also like connecting with different people to help me learn from there successes and lessons.

How has Croissant helped your business?

Croissant has definitely help me out in a way where I expanded my sales department from you guys providing a space for me and my team at times we weren’t needed. Plus, being able to work out of many different locations has been helpful not only to me, but some of my employees when we work on such projects. I'm actually at Prosper Go Works as I'm writing this!

Do you have a favorite Croissant location?

Yes, Village One. Great view and very quiet. 

What's your biggest tip for anyone moving this season?

If you are moving this summer, book and reserve ahead of time. This saves you a lot of money as last minute booking, moving companies (not us!) charge more. Also prepare items for movers. Have everything ready to go before they get there so move can get done faster. I think those tips will set you up for a successful move.

If you’re moving around NYC this season, be sure to give Felix and his team a call and mention code COWORKINGMOVER for a 15% discount on your move.