How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Attracts More Clients

Are you leaving money on the table not utilizing Linkedin for your business? | Photo by  Austin Distel  on  Unsplash

Are you leaving money on the table not utilizing Linkedin for your business? | Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Do you turn to LinkedIn when you have something new to update? Is it the last choice when marketing your freelance business on social media marketing? Do you assume that it is a dead zone incapable of having much engagement?

If you usually do this, then you are leaving money on the table. Many people suppose that LinkedIn is a boring platform only used by business people, CEOs and digital marketers. However, it is a powerful social media platform that can help you increase your client base as a freelancer. It has over 350 million users and is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms with two new users joining it every second. It can be quite effective in the promotion of your business if utilized well. Here is how to create a LinkedIn profile that attracts more clients.

Create and optimize your LinkedIn profile

Attract more clients by creating a LinkedIn profile that targets the needs of your audience. Demonstrate how you can address their concerns by including experiences and skills that rhyme with the services you offer.

Optimize it to ensure that your potential clients can easily find you by making your profile public and using the right keywords on your profile. Upload a high-quality professional image on your LinkedIn profile as this gives prospects a personal perspective. Do not use a selfie, grainy shots, group photos, or beach photos, as your profile picture because they do not appear professional.

Next, include a compelling and clear headline below your photograph and ensure it is specific to your target audience. Afterward, write a summary that tells more about the services you offer as a freelancer. 

Show your expertise by adding some work samples

Usually, most freelancers share a link with the potential customers where they can explore more about their work experience when the clients ask for a sample of work done previously.

LinkedIn allows you to skip that "link sharing" step completely. It has a feature that allows you to include samples and experience on your profile. With this, your chances of obtaining new prospects increase. You can get more clients prior to connecting with them. 

Get more reviews, recommendations, and endorsements

Today, most prospects' decision is influenced by the reviews and recommendations from other customers and not from advertisements. Research indicates that 88% of people trust reviews and recommendations from other customers.

LinkedIn has made it easy to get reviews, recommendations, and endorsements through the Skills and Endorsements as well as the Recommendations sections. Request your clients to endorse you for particular skills or provide a copy-based review of your services on the platform. The more endorsements and reviews you get, the more credible you will look. Customer testimonials will help you get more clients and prospects. 

Notify your clients that you're open to new opportunities

Gain more customers and leads by stating in your profile that you are open to new work or clients. You can also request your network to let other people know that you have are open to new opportunities. 

Share high-quality content on your page

Apart from having samples to show your expertise in a particular freelancing sector, what you post matters. Posting relevant and quality content demonstrates how experienced you are in that field. Your viewers can engage and share the content across the various social platforms, thus exposing you to more leads. Leaving useful comments on other people's content that is likely to be very visible also works well in attracting new clients. 

Join Profinder

It is a freelance marketplace built into LinkedIn that connects freelancers with potential clients. Profinder matches you to projects that match your skills. When you find one that interests you, apply by submitting a proposal straight from your inbox. 


Freelancers should list LinkedIn among the best options of social media marketing. It builds effective connections with professionals. With the use of the above tips, you will attract more clients. Don't forget to foster the relationships you establish by being warm and focusing on connecting, instead of being aggressive in self-promotion. Update your profile often, respond as quickly as possible to clients who engage you, and follow-up on the connections you make, either via email or links. Over time, prospective customers will see you as a good fit and convert to loyal customers. LinkedIn is the ideal choice for freelancers who aim at making their client list longer.

This guest post was brought to you by Marion Selista. Marion is a marketing consultant and copywriter, who is passionate about writing and self-development. She is currently writing for Skin Answer resource. Her mission is to motivate and enlight people to live a successful and fulfilling life.