5 Ways to Beat Entrepreneurial Anxiety


In the 21st century, entrepreneurship has acquired the status of a modern ‘hero’s journey’. Many heed the call to adventure, a rare few succeed, but those that do are elevated to the overly romanticized status of a hero. It is so ironic then that even the most successful and seemingly collected entrepreneurs suffer from chronic stress to an extent that often affects their health in profoundly bad ways. Achieving inner balance becomes a heroic feat in and of itself and you can begin this undertaking by checking out at least a few effective ways to beat entrepreneurial anxiety.

1. Create a ‘safe zone’

It may be too impractical to start with abstractions such as ‘learn how to get out of your head’ or ‘teach yourself meditation’, but such useful tips are so much easier to put into practice if put into a concrete context. For example, creating a real, physical ‘safe zone’ for yourself which can serve as a literal framework for activities that relax you is a good start. 

This can be a Zen zone where you meditate and do yoga. It can be a contemplative room, a reading room, or video game den, but no matter what function it ultimately serves, the important mechanism to teach yourself is that all stress needs to be left at the door. Otherwise, it won’t work.

2. Share your woes with peers

The scientific consensus on the link between entrepreneurship and mental issues is not contended in any ways, and the research has shown that almost 50 percent of business leaders feel stressed out, around 34 percent have unadulterated anxiety, and whopping 70 percent face mental challenges. 

This means that there are a lot of peers out there that share the same woes as you, and joining a group of entrepreneurs where you can share doubts and issues can do wonders for you. This would become a go-to counseling group that perfectly understands how you feel, and they can help you cope through clear advice which has been accrued by the virtue of ‘living through it’. Feeling that you are not alone relieves the pressure of anxiety significantly.

Hobbies or taking a break and stepping away from your work can keep you relaxed while keeping you focused.

Hobbies or taking a break and stepping away from your work can keep you relaxed while keeping you focused.

3. Acquire a creative hobby

Every human being that deals with anxiety should acquire a hobby that helps them cope and improve quality of life. In case of entrepreneurs, creative hobbies have a multifaceted function: they can relax you, keep you focused, develop certain cognitive skills and motor functions. Creating something out of ‘nothing’ is the best low-resolution practice for someone that needs to build an entire business ground-up. 

Take up painting, pencil drawing, fill out coloring books for adults or take up pottery. You can write a journal or one short story a day and even embolden yourself to purchase a LEGO set and start building. (Nobody has to know.)

4. ‘Turn off’ after 9PM

Now, it is perfectly understandable that entrepreneurs at the height of their business-building craft cannot adhere to strict schedules and they simply have to dedicate every waking hour of their life to the mission, vision, and goals of the company. Therefore, this advice should be put into practice in the case that the matters turn particularly dire. Professional help to curb anxiety goes without saying, but you’ll also have to instill some habits into your daily life in order to improve its quality. 

Turning off’ after 9PM entails cutting Wi-Fi and shutting down all digital devices in your vicinity - most likely at home. That means: no looking at email, no sensationalistic news, and clickbaity articles. The rest of the evening should be reserved for activities that will calm your brain waves and relax your muscles.

5. Exercise

Physical exercise if the lauded answer to many conundrums and a sure-fire way to improve the quality of life in ways previously inconceivable. Chronic anxiety puts a lot of strain on your musculature, and this can, after a few years, lead to deformities and crooked posture. Furthermore, entrepreneurs that work 10 to 12 hours a day already push their bodies to the limit. Taking up regular gym outings - at least three times a week - can ameliorate your physical issues, especially if you keep at it. Apart from that, partaking in athletic activities such as paddle-boating, running and boxing will funnel your stress into that outlet and offer you release.

It would be unfair to say that successful entrepreneurs maintain a composed façade. Their apparent calmness is reflected through the effective decision making and peak social skills — all prerequisite tools to build a successful business. However, this does not mean that a storm does not brew inside, and while the floodgates can look sturdy they cannot hold the tempest forever. It is perfectly reasonable and understandably human to seek out help and acquire useful tools for coping with entrepreneurial anxiety. You owe that to the company and the employees, insomuch that you owe it to yourself. 

Guest writer Natasha is a lady of a keyboard and one hell of a geek. She is always happy to collaborate with awesome blogs and share her knowledge about business growth, career, and productivity related topics. To see what she is up to next, check out her Twitter .