6 Ways Coworking Can Boost Your Freelance Career

A coworking space can help define work/life boundaries and help you maintain your productivity for longer periods of time.

A coworking space can help define work/life boundaries and help you maintain your productivity for longer periods of time.

A coworking place can be an incredible source of inspiration for many freelancers and solopreneurs. It enables you to work close to one another and encourages collaboration in a shared space. By law of habits and once you have your schedule set up, you’ll bump into fellow freelancers and small teams in the space too. Coworking spaces definitely promote a more productive mindset and can have a very positive influence in the success of a freelancer’s career.

Neightan White from Supreme Dissertations says a coworking space is “a collective office where you can find freelancers dedicated to different activities. Plus, all you need is a laptop, and you are ready to start working. This is the place where a lot of startups were born, and I consider it to be the best place where you can get your inspiration”.

Here are some ways coworking spaces can make a real difference in your freelancing career:

Network opportunities

When you choose a coworking space for your freelancing, you’ll have the opportunity to work together with a lot of other freelancers or smaller companies in the space. You’ll meet, interact, and work with other freelancers in parallel or related fields. And you’ll widen your network and establish collaborations with other freelancers or companies who will inspire and help you in your projects.


Who doesn’t dream not to have to wake up every morning to go to the office? Wouldn’t it be better to work from the comfort of your home and not spend hours in traffic? And yet, once you try it, you might discover that working from home is not exactly what it seems to be. Working from home can be comfortable and flexible, but it also has its downsides with distractions and productivity drops.

Coworking spaces are the perfect environment to help you find the necessary discipline for a successful freelance career. Having a dedicated work space can help you create a separate space for you to focus and help you create your own working schedule for those times you’re “on”.

Plus, it’s easy to focus when those at the communal table are focusing on their work too.

Collaboration and brainstorming

Chelsea Ann Dowdell from Rewarded Essays says that coworking brings a tremendous benefit for freelancers. “Freelancers are usually very happy to collaborate and discuss their problems with you. So, you have the right environment to find solutions to your problems and get inspired”.

You’ll foster connections in the space and be able to bounce ideas off of each other and get an outside perspective on your projects. You can collaborate with other freelancers who share the same interests as you or those with specialties that could compliment your own.

You become part of a professional community

One big advantage of coworking spaces is that it puts you in an environment with other like-minded freelancers who share the same ideas, objectives, and even issues you might be going through. You can connect with others through events at the coworking space or by nature of the communal table and kitchen area. You’ll also have fun events and professional event opportunities to get to know the other businesses in the space.

Create a healthy balance between personal life and work

Having a separate space for when you focus on work can help you separate your own mindsets between work and play. When you work from home, using your space as a place of work can make it difficult to differentiate when you’re on the clock or done for the day. A coworking space helps you stay disciplined and follow your working schedule, and once you leave, you’ll be able to really enjoy your time off.

Get Inspired

Some coworking spaces are designed to really inspire and give yourself room to work but also mentally breathe. You’ll find colorful spaces, sunny spaces, tech spaces, or what-have-you, which are designed with the community in mind. Many coworking spaces will give you an option for different seating too, which is a great way to move about the space for when you want to switch up your mindset or tasks. Coworking spaces are a place for you to feel inspired, creative, and motivated to work hard and meet those deadlines.

Ready to cowork?

Whether you are a freelancer or a solopreneur, a coworking space will always bring advantages. If you feel that you don’t get enough inspiration and you get easily distracted at home, then you have all the reasons to choose a coworking space or hop around coworking spaces with Croissant.  

What’s more, you can choose your coworking space, so you can find a working environment that meets your creative and inspiration needs.


Bridgette Hernandez has recently graduated from a Masters in Anthropology. She is also working on her own book and planes to publish it in the nearest future. Even though she is still a fresh graduate, Bridgette became a true expert in presenting text creatively and understandably. Bridgette  is a regular contributor and writer for both HotEssayService and IsAccurate.