What You Should Know About Enterprise Mobility Management


Enterprise mobility solution enables employees of the company or an organization to use cloud services on their mobile devices and carry on their office work remotely. It helps employees work remotely by providing access to the resources, and saving time and cost.

Companies are focusing on enterprise mobile application development to reduce the operational costs, create and provide new business opportunities, and offer customer service in an easy manner. It also helps remote teammates work effectively and seamlessly.

In today’s competitive business environment, mobility is an essential component to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. However, enterprise mobility comes with various challenges, and companies need to solve these issues to implement and use enterprise mobility services to their advantage.

Look at Mobile Security

According to a research study, more than 40% of enterprises fail to secure their mobile applications, and around 50% of the companies don’t set aside the portion of their budget for mobile application security. Security is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies using enterprise mobility services. Mobile devices are vulnerable and can provide direct access to corporate network, passwords, sensitive data, and information.

In order to solve the security issues, enterprise mobile application development companies and businesses are focusing on comprehensive enterprise mobility management strategies. This can help the company with the level of security needed along with better productivity. Companies are also implementing effective solutions for enterprise mobility, ensuring that all the business information and data is safe at the data center and only accessible by an authorized person.

Getting Real-time Access to Data and Information

It has become a necessity for the companies to ensure that employees are rooted in access to the company’s data in a real-time to help them make fast and informed decisions. The biggest challenge here is to provide access to the data and information to employees through enterprise mobile app, ensuring that it doesn’t put the company or the organization at risk.

In order to minimize risk or eliminate it, enterprise mobility services provided by the company and used by employees should be equipped with the centralized and secure file sharing system that is completely controlled by the IT department.

What’s the Mobile Strategy for Your Remote Team?

Another challenge faced by enterprise mobility is a mobile strategy. This is the major challenge for IT department as it needs to ensure that all the senior executives at the company or organization are brought under their mobile strategy and at the same time ensure that they have a positive mindset towards transformative nature of this technology.

To solve this issue, a company or organization can get the help or seek advice from solution providers or experienced partners while devising their mobile strategy.

User Experience for Your Team Members

In the case of mobile technology for businesses, user experience drives user adoption and user adoption results in a better return on investment. This involves, deciding between re-designing the existing mobile applications, as well as the optimization of all the mobile systems in the organization to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the employees. The solution for this issue is to encourage users or employees to use enterprise mobile applications by providing a better mobile experience.

Ensuring Application is Ready and Running

The process of implementing an effective procedure for enterprise mobile application development can be tricky as it is an important part of an enterprise mobility strategy. A recently conducted survey has revealed that the biggest challenge for mobile application development is the shortage of skilled mobile app developers, developing native mobile apps for multiple platforms, and testing its efficiency.

Get Started

Enterprise mobile applications or enterprise mobility is highly transformative in nature and will bring a number of challenges in the future as technology advances. Companies sometimes opt for mobile app solution companies and partners to overcome various difficulties in enterprise mobility services and to provide a better experience from the user perspective. Just be sure to consider issues like data security and mobile strategy in terms of your team and company.

Guest blogger Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. Along with blogging on tech, he works in a leading mobile app development company with skilled Android and iOS app developers. Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.