How to Find the Digital Nomad Network Wherever You Travel

Photo courtesy of  Rawpixel

Photo courtesy of Rawpixel

We’ve all been there. You’ve checked into your AirBnB, thrown down your bags, checked your emails (it’s all good. There are no fires to put out right now). But what next?

If you’re a lone ranger, travelling solo will come pretty easy. However, whether you’re comfortable with your own company or not, one of the biggest downfalls of the location independent lifestyle tends to be isolation. Whilst you may be on a great adventure, it’s far less fulfilling when you have no one to share it with, so how do you find your tribe on the road?

Take advantage of Facebook Groups

Perhaps you’re already well versed in this one, but there are multiple Facebook groups for connecting with location-independent and laptop wielding travelers like yourself.

Here are a few of the best ‘digital nomad’ Facebook groups:

Digital Nomads Around the World 

DNX (English/German

Digital Nomads [search your country/city of choice]

Utilise Coworking Space Events

If you’re a Croissant Member, you know the value of this one. Whether you’re working from Paris, Bucharest, or Chicago (there are many more, by the way), you’ll find beautiful places to work from with plenty of social events. Find the ones that appeal to you, whether it’s a Blockchain Hackathon or a local salsa class.

Check into a Coliving Space

Never been to a coliving space before and don’t really “get it”? It’s like having the social vibe of a hostel with the facilities of a business hotel and the comfort of an AirBnB (check out why coliving spaces are so different to AirBnBs here). With Outsite, there’s also the option of a shared room, which can help keep costs down when you’re visiting cities too.

Be Confident

Travel changes people. That’s why so many people return transformed, sporting tans and new hairstyles, a new lust for life and a slightly misshapen tattoo— I’m joking, but you get the point. Lacking any sense of orientation, losing your social groups and not being able to speak the local language immediately breaks down barriers we’re used to having in society. What’s the effect?

Chances are you’ll become more open to interactions than you might be back home. A random encounter with a good AirBnB host or coworker in a coffee shop might turn into a friendship, or at least an invite to a party (where there are plenty more people to meet!). Don’t be shy. Chances encounters are good, and part of the reason you’ll love travelling.

Curious about meeting more people on the road? Check out Outsite’s coworking and coliving spaces around the world.