Redefining the Future of Work with Sacha Verbeek of Trashure Studio

Designed to stimulate both personal and professional growth, Trashure Studio is a collaborative office space that was designed with you and comfort in mind.

Designed to stimulate both personal and professional growth, Trashure Studio is a collaborative office space that was designed with you and comfort in mind.

Nestled above the River IJ in the creative hub of Amsterdam is Trashue Studio, a minimalist coworking studio, agency, and magazine. Founded by the power couple Sacha Verbeek and Sander van den Hurk, the space was created with a goal of redefining the way we work and discovering a healthy work-life balance.

We were able to chat with Sacha, the designer, art director, and editor for Trashure Mag, to discuss how Trashure Studio came about, the culture of the space, and a few of her favorite trendy Amsterdam spots.

How do you two know each other? What made you both start Trashure Studio?

It’s a bit cliché but we met each other at a fashion brand where we both worked in the marketing department. We weren’t dating at the time but started seeing each other not long after Sander left the company and started freelancing. Although we loved Amsterdam, we decided that we wanted to see more of the world and we moved to Sydney, Australia where we started Trashure Studio.

I have a background in arts and Sander has a background in marketing. It seemed logical to combine our skills and start a design agency that could offer both the strategy and the creativity that we felt was scarce amongst design agencies.


Tell us more about the creative agency and magazine? Which came first?

Starting new in a city such as Sydney felt like a major challenge on all sides of the spectrum. As we didn’t know anyone yet, we started Trashure Magazine. The magazine allowed us to work with, and get introduced to the industry, grow our network, and share our vision on design and marketing.

We were really lucky to move into this quirky open plan warehouse in the most creative and colourful part of town; Newtown. We shared this inspiring place with Kyra and Dave, two truly beautiful creatives. Just like ourselves, every now and then other agencies and creatives used our warehouse for photoshoots or video productions and this way we built a small community.

The combination between the warehouse, the magazine, and the agency enabled us to do all the things we loved in one place. It became the formula for Trashure Studio.

The creative agency focuses mainly on brand building and marketing. We are marketing partners for the design industry and have helped companies from the ground up to become distinctive brands. I guide companies in brand building, content production and web design. Sander on his turn then takes over to market these brands by designing marketing strategies and coordinating online marketing campaigns. We work closely together and that’s what makes the creative studio a great playground for us and our clients.

What is the vibe, culture, and atmosphere like at Trashure Studio?

After spending two years in Sydney we decided to move back to Amsterdam. We took home what we’d learnt overseas. That is, to balance our lives and the value of escaping the buzz of the city to appreciate just that. We aim to find the perfect balance between leisure and work by creating a peaceful and inspiring space where people feel motivated rather than rushed. The studio is like an island in the heart of the city where you can escape the noise and focus on what’s important to you.

The vibe is best described as relaxed, inspiring, and creative in a professional way with a personal touch. The studio used to be the old board house of a former steam engine factory. It’s high ceilings, tall windows, and authentic elements makes it a space with lots of character.


I love all of the clean lines and design of Trashure Studio. What directed the style perspective? Any favourite details?

We both love art and design, so we spent quite some time collecting and curating every piece that you find in the studio. We loved the process of shaping the studio and gave it a minimalistic yet warm look. We are both attracted to a really clean aesthetic and added warmer elements so that Trashure Studio feels like a second home to our members. A few of our favourite items in the studio are the really unique 20 million-year-old petrified wood pieces by Studio Somee.

What’s currently inspiring you and your work with the studio?

Our vision is designing tomorrow, and we are inspired by everything that adds to this. We mainly find inspiration in architecture and product design as well as in arts and public debate.


What are some of your fave spots around Amsterdam Noord? Any places great for lunch or after work drinks?

The North of Amsterdam has become a trendy yet still fairly hidden part of town. We’re happy to call Oedipus brewery our neighbour for Friday night drinks. Coba is an exceptionally great Mexican restaurant and we love the outdoors terrace of Restaurant Stork overlooking the river IJ. One of our favourite coffee shops (the ones that actually serve coffee) is Public Space. It’s beautifully designed and they serve coffee just like the Sydneysiders do.