How to Start a Croissant Meet Up

Have you seen the meet ups on the top of our community board on the app? Better yet, have you tried one?

Meet ups are our way to help you gather and meet Croissant members in smaller groups. Past meet ups include coworking, trying new spaces, learning a new skill, collaborating, brainstorming . . . anything goes. We know that members want to connect with similar professionals or be social, and a meet up is the perfect way for you to get to know each other.

Anyone can host a meet up, and it’s very easy to do so!

Why start a meet up?

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who wants to meet other budding businesses. Maybe you’re a developer who wants to learn new tricks. Or maybe you’re a freelancer who wants to socialize at the end of you day. Find your niche or ask yourself what you want to do. There’s always someone looking for something just like it. We promise.

How to set it up?

It’s super easy. You can create a meet up on the app under on the Community tab.

Left: top of the community board on the Croissant app. Right: When you scroll to the right and reach the New Session card.

Left: top of the community board on the Croissant app. Right: When you scroll to the right and reach the New Session card.

1) Find the Community tab on the app. At the top, scroll to the right and find the New Sessions + card. Hit that to create a new one.

The profile for your meet up.

The profile for your meet up.

2) Fill out title, description, pick a space, and # of seats you want to include. 

TIP #1: Use a short, yet informative title.

TIP #2: I usually pick more seats than I’d want for the session because while people RSVP, things may come up and they might be too busy. I usually select 5-7 seats

When should you host?

I usually plan ahead anywhere from one week ~ one month in advance. Best days to host are Tuesdays through Thursdays.

I like hosting first thing in the morning around 10AM or later in the afternoon around 2-3PM. I pick an hour on the app, but I personally plan for an unofficial extra hour for work because we tend to chitchat at the beginning or end.

Where to host?

Consider the amount of people you want to invite. Some great places to host big groups are Bond 55 in FiDi, Primary, or Galvanize. Smaller sessions (2-3 members) can work there or also WorkHouse, Joynture, Impact Hub, or Fueled Collective.

What happens during a session?

Short-answer: anything goes. There was a session on data science with a mini presentation then coworking. There was a session for coworking and happy hour drinks where everyone met, worked, then headed to the bar together. We had a session for procrastinators where we discussed our stumbling blocks and held each other accountable while we coworked.

Day of the Meet Up

Be sure to post on your meet up's profile on how everyone can find you on the day of. Also, try to take everyone’s emails during the coworking session to email after the event to continue the discussions and good vibes.

Don’t know where to start? Message us and let’s brainstorm!