Payne Mansion Pilots 24/7 Hotel Coworking in San Francisco

Today we’re going to take a couple of minutes to highlight one of the more unique and jaw-droppingly beautiful spots recently made available for coworking in San Francisco.

An example of the beautiful Victorian decor at Payne Mansion Hotel

An example of the beautiful Victorian decor at Payne Mansion Hotel

Payne Mansion Hotel may be fresh to the co-working scene but as far as luxury and history go, this place is something special. The hotel, located right smack dab in the middle of the city, between Knob Hill and Pacific Heights at 1409 Sutter St, is a historical landmark and an enduring gem of the grand Californian architecture that defined a bygone era. Built in 1881 and paid for with some of the fast money made off of the Comstock silver bonanza, Payne Mansion stands as one of the last enduring memories of the California Gold Rush. Architect William Curlett, renowned for his ambitious Victorian style, designed the Payne Mansion to be an overwhelmingly decadent home in its time. The fact that Payne Mansion somehow survived the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906 which razed most of San Fran to the ground means that today, when we cross the threshold and enter the refurbished hotel lobby, we are entering one of the last remaining examples of pre-fire homes inhabited by San Francisco's wealthier class. 

All that history may be interesting, but what does inspiring architecture mean for you as someone with deadlines to meet? The Payne Mansion Hotel isn’t just any other historical site, it’s also a centrally located, meticulously redesigned boutique hotel that caters to the engineers and entrepreneurs who set the pace for modern hi-tech. Payne Mansion Hotel is piloting coworking in the lobby exclusively with Croissant. In addition to hot desks, there will be large private conference rooms for board meetings, and exquisite Victorian architecture to impress the biggest funders. Yanan Sun and Wei Ming Chang, who run the hotel, are even in the process of setting up an in-house cafe, so finding breakfast or lunch will never be a hassle.

The teams at Croissant and Payne Mansion Hotel put their heads together to set up to be an ideal coworking space. Whether you are establishing your own company here in the Bay Area or just in town visiting, Payne Mansion is equipped with everything you need to ensure that you have a productive work day. The historic building offers event space, comfy solo work stations, and professional conference rooms. Wifi is top notch, Sightglass coffee and snacks are unlimited, printing, scanning and copying are available and parking is waiting for you out back.  As it is a hotel, even showers are available for an additional fee. The coworking space is open 24 hours a day so it’ll be available whenever brilliance strikes.

Instead of going back to yet another drab cubicle that reminds you of bleak summer internships, head over to the Payne Mansion Hotel where you can get your work at a desk suitable for royalty.