Meet Morris, Co-Founder & CEO of The Yard

With locations all over NYC, The Yard is perfect for those who want to work in luxury at a beautiful and convenient space. We talked to Morris Levy, co-founder & CEO, about The Yard's new locations and the future of coworking. 



What is the community at The Yard like?

The community at The Yard is what makes our spaces come alive. Our members are innovative, inspiring individuals from countless professional backgrounds; We have members in a variety of industries including law, accounting, tech startups, photography, videography, screenwriting, publishing, design, software development, hotel and hospitality, restaurants, retail and everything in between. The most beneficial environment for any business is a diverse one. Every day, our members are able to connect with changemakers with different perspectives and backgrounds but with the same entrepreneurial spirit and drive.


What do you think draws so many people to The Yard?

Many business owners and freelancers are looking for an environment where they can focus on their work and enjoy the benefits of connecting with like-minded individuals at opportune times of the day. You won’t find beer on tap or ping-pong tables in our spaces, which often distract people from their daily goals.  All of our events are developed to have purpose of learning and growth whether personal or business related and cultivate community. They’re held after hours and during lunch hours so that members can keep their focus on their business and take meaningful breaks during the work day.


Tell us about The Yard's new and upcoming locations!

The Yard currently has 9 locations. Just this week, we opened our second location on the Upper West Side, The Yard: Columbus Circle. We also opened our very first location outside of New York City earlier this month, The Yard: Midtown Village, in Center City, Philadelphia. We’re currently in the development stages for 5 new locations in Boston, Washington, D.C. and New York.


What have been your favorite events at The Yard?

The best events are ones that lend themselves to the growth of our members’ businesses and that help them form long-lasting relationships. We have a diverse community from many different professional backgrounds, and it’s important for us to highlight them in the best way possible and help expand access to different opportunities.



How do you see the coworking community changing over the next few years?

Over the years, more and more entrepreneurs and creatives are realizing the benefits of working in a collaborative environment like The Yard. Coworking is becoming the mainstream work environment and in a few short years will become simply what we know as “the office.” Shared workspaces provide businesses with the resources, the flexibility of being able to adapt to new technology and a changing business landscape, high quality amenities and every day resources so that they don’t have to be distracted by things like supplying the printers with paper or the kitchens with coffee and tea or worrying about office maintenance. There’s great value in allowing businesses to focus on what’s important, and we’re seeing companies outside of just the small business and startup set joining our community for this reason.


Thank you Morris! If you're looking for a nearby place to focus on your work, check out The Yard's modern spaces at Columbus Circle, Williamsburg, Lower East Side, and City Hall for an inspiring community and professional atmosphere.