Member Spotlight: Sonali Nigam

I consider myself a healthcare geek, having worked across life sciences, payer, tech and is now dipping my toes in wellness. I am also a recent graduate of the Meditation Teacher Training program offered by The Path and now part of The Path team! 


Tell us about your journey to working with The Path.

I have been meditating for many years, but after I completed the teacher training I realized that The Path has a unique opportunity to provide community meditation in a very accessible format. I spoke to Dina the Founder of The Path and her story about what led to creating this company really resonated with me. So when she asked me to hop on board I was happy to!


How do you think The Path, as a meditation center, differentiates itself?

Quite a few ways. 

We provide our community the opportunity to meditate in beautiful locations (like the top of the Standard Hotel) and with some of the best teachers in the world! This week we have New York Times bestselling author Sharon Salzberg hosting a retreat with us to celebrate her book Real Love. Our community members will get a chance to learn from her one on one and share their stories. We are also offering a Mindful Leadership program taught by a Harvard trained MD and a former CEO. 

The programs are intended for busy, ambitious people who want to incorporate meditation into their lives but can't go to an Ashram in India for a month! 

And very importantly, The Path is open to all. We love expanding our community and welcome everyone. 


How do you balance your full-time job at Newgen with your involvement with The Path?

I have been working at Newgen for 2 years helping to build a healthcare payer vertical. I travel to meet our customers and our development team a few times a month, but also work remotely to oversee my market research and inside sales teams. That's where Croissant has been great because it offers me the option to work in different settings depending on what my schedule looks like that day. 

My work for The Path generally happens on nights and weekends. We are a small but super collaborative team and we usually meet up at fun co-working spots to get stuff done. 


How have you changed as a result of meditation and mindfulness?

Meditation has not made me a better person, but instead a more aware person :) There is still the negativity and stress and fatigue that comes with living in a big city and in a high pressure job. 

But I have more awareness of how they impact me and can make more mindful decisions as a result. 


Who has inspired you?

Hmm.. this is a tough one, but if I had to pick one person it would JK Rowling. She is creative, smart and unafraid to speak up for what she believes in. A great role model. 


What do you like about Croissant?

I love the flexibility and the ability to try new spots in different cities. Also your team is super caring and helpful ... and have always assisted me so quickly when I have needed something. Also the community piece is great ... I tend to meet very nice people through Croissant. 


Thank you Sonali! You can find her on Instagram at @sonalaholic, LinkedIn, or coworking at Pourt, Rise, or The Yard!

If you're interested in dropping by an event at The Path, Croissant members can get a special discount with promo code 'croissant'.