We're going to Los Angeles + Q&A interview with Digiland

We can't let East Coasters and SF-ers get all the coworking goodness.

It's time for Angelinos to have some fun. We're thrilled to announce that Croissant is expanding to Los Angeles! All Croissant members now get access to all our wonderful coworking space partners in LA area.

We are excited to feature one of our faves, Digiland, today!


Digiland is a lovely blend of entertainment, technology, and culture. The space is absolutely gorgeous - rustic tables, comfy plush couches, and reclaimed wood furnishings. Not only that, but Digiland comes with creative suites, sound stages, and a production studio.

We got a chance to speak with General Manager of Digiland, Ki Ki Lee Herr, to learn more about the space and its origins.


How was the transition from pure studio space to shared office space?

It’s been great!  Lots of learning, but incredibly rewarding to be with a different creative mind that is working for higher purpose and just plain old fun ideas.  Entrepreneurs are what make the work go round and we are on a great ride with them and supporting them in this community!

Have you seen any cool projects come out of companies in the coworking space?

So many awesome ideas.  Too many to list!  We see incredible ideas daily!  Sometimes our brains blow up with the creativity in this place!  And other times, we just say “keep working on that”.  You are heading in the right direction!  Thom is really great as spotting the good ones!

What's next for Digiland?

Well- we are launching a new venue at Digiland: The Garage Burbank where you can film, host an event, host and launch your “next” great thing, etc.  We are also doing some facelift remodeling to grow with the space and its needs.

What is your favorite perk/benefit offered at Digiland?

Mainly just bringing people together to help support their ideas- the culture brings some incredibly talented folks through the doors daily so there is no time to get bored or not learn something new.

What's something you do for fun outside of managing an amazing coworking space?

Travel, see new and exciting places, watch my son grow into an incredible young man, learn new and interesting things daily!

What are some of your favorite spots in the neighborhood?

Well- we have our Digicafe which hosts many incredible chefs.  We also have great entrepreneur food trucks coming in and there are plenty of fun spots to go around the neighborhood.  Burbank is full of culinary love!

Thanks Kiki for the insights! Check out Digiland next time you're around Burbank and need a great place to do work.