16 Digital Nomad Blogs to Follow

Whether you're hankering for more adventure, are ready to overhaul your roots to live that #nomadlife, or are wondering how to wander 24/7, then this is the post for you. I rounded up some of our favorite digital nomads and travel bloggers for inspiration, because who best to help you find that daily dose of adventure or spurn that travel bug than these fellow digital citizens? 

Roam and Golightly — Laura

Laura of Roam + Golightly lives the adventurous, creative life in her everyday— whether that’s discovering new places in her own town or traversing the Forbidden City in Beijing for the summer. She also has an inspiring podcasts that will get your creative juices flowing.

Wanderers Hub — Prerna & Harsh

Travel slow and explore the paths less trodden is the Wanderers Hubs’ MO. Couple Prerna and Harsh have serious wanderlust but with serious itchy feet comes great wisdom. Their blog’s packed with advice— don’t drink the Civet POOP Coffee in Bali you say?— and lots of itinerary ideas.

The Unexplorer — Susan

Susan at The Unexplorer had me with her ebook Search for Peter Mayle’s Provence (because aren’t we all?). And along with her Francophile files and photos and personal list of rules for the road trip, Susan helps small businesses with their marketing and runs her own marketing and PR firm.

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Legal Nomads — Jodi

Jodi of Legal Nomads used to be a lawyer and now found her footing traveling and writing about food. What started as a stint to Siberia turned into a full on lifestyle. With countries from Argentina to Vietnam under her belt, she tells it like it is when traveling and delves into health and wellness with a chronic illness with sincerity. 

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Lessons Learned Abroad — Chris

I first stumbled on Chris and Lessons Learned Abroad from a very real, self-snarky but funny post about the signs that you’re a disappointing nomad. If that doesn’t give you an idea of how fun, real, and inspiring Chris (and Christine) are in their travels, from traversing the Banana Pancake Trail to climbing Mount Fuji.

Drink Tea Travel — Oksana and Max

Oksana and Max from Drink Tea Travel pretty much committed to the dream— quitting the 9-5, selling their stuff, and just going for it. They’re mission is to travel with a sustainable and conscious lifestyle, doing that old adage of taking photos and simply leaving footprints. 

Nomadic Habit — Marianna

Nomadic Habit is a beautiful blog with poetic content. You’re getting a philosophical perspective from Marianna, who is a stalwart dreamer and doer, fueling her creativity with her travels, writing, photography, and art— which is why she was awarded the Artist Initiative VSCO grant in 2016.

Breathingtravel — Carolin

With 10 years under her belt of exploring the world, Carolin of Breathingtravel is what I’d call a seasoned adventurer (and skilled surfer). Her site is full of posts to get you started on your journey and photos to make you want to leave your desk and buy the first ticket out of the country ASAP.

Hobo With a Laptop — Mike and Oshin

Mike and Oshin are the two wander-ful wizards behind Hobo with a Laptop. Their site is ripe with the tools and info to get you going, from remote jobs to look into to those realistic obstacles any digital nomad would face. They focus on Chiang Mai, which we all know is the digital capital of the world.

Daily Adventures of Me — Jamie

With her Best Adventure Yet series, Jamie covers solo trips or inconvenient trips, domestic trips or international itineraries on her blog the Daily Adventures of Me. Her mission is to find adventures close to home and away, all the while still running her own dental practice.

Story of My World — Alex and Thijs

The mission of Story of My World to encourage travelers to share their personal experiences— not just tips and tricks— but unbiased, genuine content that’s an uplifting look at a new experiences and new interactions with different people and cultures.

Traveling Petite Girl — Jojo

I’m all about Jojo’s Traveling Petite Girl blog. Like a seasoned travel blogger, she’s a great photographer and videographer and writes about doing what she loves, but she also wants to share her experience to inspire other badass women to do the same. I appreciate her harsh truths to travel bloggers in their first year— it’s honest but encouraging you to keep going. It pays off!

My Kids in Tow — Amy

Amy from My Kids in Tow shows that kids don’t mean you can’t travel, have adventures, and have that enriched life. She shows by doing how you can bike Rotterdam with the kids where to go in Barcelona with a 10 or 5-year-old. As she says, research is always important for any parent before a trip or a visit, and her site is rife with great info.

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Wonderful World Blog — Lizzie

If you’re a seasoned blogger or freelance writer or if you’re starting out, I think you need to see Lizzie from Wanderful World. Her site’s full of great content for booking clients, myths on freelancing, and plenty of other guides. It’s all of those things you’re probably thinking or worrying about and not sure where to even start with questions. Start here!

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Urban Pixxels — Jacintha

Urban Pixxels’ Jacintha is a Dutch traveler and writer who’s love of boutique hotels, good food, and gorgeous photography gives me some serious itchy feet. She definitely captures the beautiful everyday and all of her suggestions for Lisbon eating is already on my to-do list. 

Budget Traveler — Kash

Not only is Budget Traveler Kash full of tips and the best hidden gems in the world, but he also supports Liverpool FC which I feel like we can all get behind. Kash's suggestions for luxury and style on a budget can help you with your next getaway as he guides you where to stay and how to get that full luxury experience. He’s been featured in Lonely Planet, the New York Times, Harpers Bazaar and more, sharing his tips for finding the best luxury spots or good foodie spots in different cities.