Listen Up! 7 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

When you're starting out with that idea or struggling, trying to scale your business, you can't help but look at some of the big guys out there and wonder how they did it. Which is probably why podcasts are so fascinating (and hot) right now— not only is it a great way to hear their company's story straight from those savvy trailblazers' mouths but you also get someone asking those how's and why's you've always wondered about.

Here's our favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs, but it's nowhere near a complete list. There are tons of wonderful ones out there, and these are great to get you started.


5to9 is a glorious podcast for the side hustle generation. It’s a positive, upbeat show by effervescent cohosts Tina Yip and John Matson— moonlighters in their own right. They’ve interviewed guests from Allison Esposito of Tech Ladies to Ariel Viera of Urbanist, and they explore their guest’s background and pull out great takeaways helpful to any entrepreneur from “setting constraints” or “do the opposite of what you know.”

How I Built This

NPR’s Guy Raz interviews innovators and entrepreneurs from Starbucks’ Howard Schultz to Rent the Runway's Jenn Hyman. Each founder has the stage to share their origin story, and Guy brings out so much more with his own enthusiasm and disbelief. I like that he also always asks each person how much of it was drive and how much was luck— definitely something we’ve all wondered.

Women in Tech Show

Host Espree Devora is such a great, energetic host. She interviews female founders, investors, UX and UI designers, and journalists, and really gets into their stories about how they created their own paths. Espree breaks everything down with really thoughtful questions that really show each interviewee’s talent and success.


If you don’t know about Powderkeg, you should. It’s an awesome community for tech entrepreneurs and professional outside of Silicon Valley. It’s already a great resource for any burgeoning business, and their Powderkeg podcast is an extension. Host Matt Hunckler has great in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators that are inspiring and great for any one starting out.


This is a podcast from Greylock Partners, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Along with interviewing driven entrepreneurs, the podcast brings a critical eye to established companies and keeps a pulse on big trends in the marketplace with tech, marketing, and start ups.


Tropical MBA (TMBA)

This show definitely feels like you’re joining in on a community discussion on running a small business, and that's because of hosts Ian and Dan. They started the show talking about their own day-to-day learnings, but almost four-hundred episodes in, the show’s grown into talks with entrepreneurs sharing their own stories. The pair look into a good variety of businesses and cover lots of good case studies for topics like Facebook marketing, running a retail business, to when to hire.

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Women Killing It!

This podcast hosted by journalist Sally Hubbard celebrates, supports, and encourages female entrepreneurs or women killing it in their industries. It’s a great way to see how creating your own path can evolve from somewhere completely different, and it’s always gratifying to see a variety of jobs out there that you might not even know about. That being said, this is a podcast for everyone who’s.

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