Freelancer Tips for a Dynamic Lifestyle in NYC

New York has its own special set of challenges for freelancers to maintain a reasonable work-life balance. On the work side, you need to make sure you find a productive office space that has reasonable rent and a nice environment so you can always keep your current clients happy. A place that also makes it easy to network and meet prospective clients. On the personal side, you need to make sure you're setting aside enough time each day to stay healthy while also carving out some time every week for your social life. Last but not least get out of town once in awhile and schedule some time just to relax.

These are just a few things to keep in mind during the weekly grind as a busy freelancer. Here is a quick checklist to make sure you're doing everything you need to be successful.

Wake up early- This is flexible depending on your industry but on average if you're getting up early it also means you are going to bed early and not staying up late drinking, eating junk food or sitting on the couch. 

Grab some coffee- The potential health benefits associated with drinking coffee includes protection against diabetes, Parkinson's disease, liver disease, liver cancer, and promoting a healthy heart. Keep it to less than 5 cups per day and do not order fancy options. Keep it simple and grab a coffee, espresso or iced coffee. Most other options are packed with sugar and empty calories.

Exercise- Exercise is the best way to feel better, get healthier and feel more confident about yourself. As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. If you want to lose weight, you'll need to exercise for an hour or more. Try to have specific goals in mind or train for a sport to keep things fun.

Coworking- Much better than a cafe or working from home. Coworking spaces give you an office space with all the benefits of working from a cafe, home or an office space while eliminating the negative aspects. Croissant offers coworking in NYC starting at $99 per month. 

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Neighborhood- Try to work in the best possible neighborhood for your industry. If you're in finance work in a coworking space on Wall Street. If you're in entertainment work on Broadway. If you are in exports or transportation work in Queens. If you're in manufacturing work in Brooklyn. You get the idea. Many freelancers work from home and rarely get to be among the local buzz in their industry. Working in and around your peers is a special option in New York  that isn't possible in most cities. Take advantage of it. 

Socialize during meals- We all need to eat. Even if you're Elon Musk and you wish there was a solution around this time sucking daily activity it's impossible to avoid. Meet friends for lunch, take business meetings over coffee and eat dinner with your family. 

Schedule vacations- You work for yourself, take advantage of it. Schedule working vacations and work until lunch before enjoying new things to do. Schedule time off to relax and recharge. After your time off you'll be refreshed with new ideas and you'll be more productive and a better freelancer. 

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