Get conversational: 7 coworking space openers

While coworking spaces are a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs and working professionals, it can sometimes be difficult to make the first move when it comes to talking to a stranger.  That's why we put together this list of opening remarks that we've found to be effective in getting on the good side of our fellow workspace-goers.

Try these out next time you're up getting coffee or just strolling the aisles:


1) "Are you going to the lunch-and-learn today?"

Many spaces have events regularly, and not just after normal work hours. Be on the lookout for free pizza and soda during the noontime and you might just meet your next business contact while learning a thing or two about accounting or taxes.


2) "How did that meeting with [insert random angel investor] go?"

If you ever work on a startup, you'll quickly find yourself rubbing shoulders with potential investors of all types. This means taking meetings with some very interesting people who oftentimes blow your mind with great industry advice or insights.  Interactions with these folks make for some great stories, and great stories make for new friends.


3) "Did you end up implementing that drip email campaign?"

Many people in your coworking space probably have the same troubles as you do when it comes to traction, and people love talking about their brilliant plans on how to gain it. A mutual exchange of ideas can help both parties reach their intended goals.


4) "Can I get some design feedback?"

This one is pretty easy. No one can resist the opportunity to play with a shiny new app or website. Don't forget to offer your own UX testing skills in return. You don't have to be an expert to give quality feedback.


5) "Is that a new sticker?"

Stickers are the new tattoos. Each one contains a story about the conference or hackathon from which it was obtained. Behind that sticker may be a crazy story involving a botched delivery, followed by a passive-aggressive tweet, followed by a shipment of swag to console the customer back to happiness.


6) "Can you watch my live chats while I refill my coffee?"

This one is a riskier proposition. You have to trust this person with your customers' livelihood. But if you do, they will know that the two of you have a sacred bond that can never be broken.


7) "I'm headed to the kitchen. Want some M&M's?"

Everyone loves food. If you offer food to someone, you will instantly become their favorite person. Plus, you don't even have to pay for the food. Thanks coworking space for making this friendship possible!


I hope these phrases help you get some lips moving. And remember, it's not about what you say - it's about how you say it. Be friendly and put a smile on your face. Now get out there and don't let your dreams be dreams!