Changing the world, one repository at a time

How does Webpack, the popular online software project, fund its operations? Well, a little over a year ago, they would have had to hire a lawyer for thousands of dollars to set up an LLC. Nowadays, they can use a new service called Open Collective, which acts as their legal entity provider, to manage their budget. Think of Open Collective as a bank, but one that allows the public to see every payment that goes on in the account.

Open Collective manages the accounts of both popular online software projects and also offline groups, such as the Serverless Meetup Group in San Francisco. This group can now more easily take donations and make purchases with the support of the group as a whole, without any ambiguity.

When the team at Croissant discovered Open Collective, we knew they were onto something. We always like building things and hacking on new ideas every chance we get. That's how the company got started! So, as a way to give back to the community from whence we came, we decided to go ahead and offer special membership benefits to the core contributors and group leaders of projects on Open Collective. Stay tuned! Not only that, but we're putting our money where our mouth is, and will be backing several open source projects that our team members use, such as Satellizer, Gulp, Koa, and Mocha.

Think of it as the Kickstarter for the groups you love. Which group do you want to back?