Coworkers You'll Meet In NYC

Within the next few years, remote workers will make up 40% of the workforce. You might think coworking spaces are filled with nothing but startups and freelancers but the truth is that coworking attracts professionals from almost every field. Professions that traditionally rented out a small office space are finding the benefits of coworking extremely attractive. The typical coworking crowd is quickly evolving, here are some professions that have recently begun to take advantage of the flexible lifestyle that comes with coworking. 

Lawyers & Law Students

Coworking spaces are becoming such an ideal option for lawyers that LawBank in Denver has two coworking spaces dedicated to lawyers. LawBank provides law office space for rent, with a number of flexible options. Law Bank has all the modern conveniences and elegantly appointed spaces that law clients expect. The unique, collaborative work environment is ideal for independent practitioners, part-time lawyers, and small firms to share their wisdom and networks while maintaining relatively low overhead. They seek the best-in-class practitioner at every level of practice. Conceived by lawyers for lawyers, LawBank is specifically designed to help lawyers better serve today’s clients.


Consultants are beginning to take advantage of the flexibility that coworking spaces offer. While most coworkers might stick to one space a majority of the time, consultants need to use coworking spaces in a variety of locations. In NYC one day, Ithaca the next, followed by Boston, down to Washington DC and back to NYC before the weekend, consultants need flexible office spaces more than anybody. A coworking company with multiple locations is ideal and consultants are more likely to choose WeWork or Croissant (shameless plug) than a local space. 

Real Estate Brokers

Most people running coworking spaces have a commercial real estate background. It makes sense that with their day to day networking and professional connections in real estate that real estate professionals from all fields would quickly discover that coworking spaces are ideal for getting work done. 


The life of an investor is evolving and constantly changing making them the perfect fit for coworking. Everything from financial investors to real estate, VC's, angel investors and more. The buzz that comes from coworking space is usually the perfect fit for investors who don't mind if their working environment gets loud once in awhile. Investors typically make their own hours and need to come and go 24/7, an added benefit of most coworking spaces. Not to mention all the contacts that the angels and VC's can make from being around early stage startups.


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