Your business, your lifestyle

It's an amazing new world for business. It wasn't long ago that working for yourself was a difficult road to go down. Just starting a business used to mean that you had to take out a large business loan from the bank just to get the ball rolling. In the beginning days of your business without revenue and just a business plan banks are usually pretty difficult to deal with. Once you start seeing a healthy cash flow and your new business is growing every month banks are more than happy to work with you, now that you no longer need them. Starting a business is now much easier with bootstrapping, Kickstarter or Angel Investors.

A lot of us start with the goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur and having a business with over $1 million dollars in yearly revenue. Those are great goals to have but it's no longer mandatory that you have to create an international enterprise that rapidly scales to be successful. If you love to work and you want to build the next unicorn startup, go for it. There's definitely nothing wrong with that. But the smarter option might be to build a business that lets you schedule work around your favorite hobbies and social time. Staying in your office 24/7, year-round to build a billion dollar business may no longer be ideal. Today you can build a business that revolves around your lifestyle.

You might not be able to build the next Uber hanging out with your friends and family on the weekends, enjoying your favorite hobbies and traveling all the time. But you can build a lifestyle business that allows all these things, gives you a tax-friendly salary along with enough time to enjoy the things you love about life. Any business you start you will take almost every hour of every day for the first three years or so. After the early stages of your business at some point you will need to make a decision, do you want to build the next billion dollar startup or a business that revolves around your lifestyle? There are still plenty of startup teams that want to build companies that will change the world. Those businesses are amazing and they're making the world a better place for us to live in. Without them building a lifestyle business would not be possible. But the new standard is the lifestyle business. A business that revolves around enjoying your life, not the other way around.

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